Train to Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

Take the Train

Concerned about the climate emergency, but love to travel? Make a planet-friendly choice by taking the train.

Enjoy a smooth, stress-free journey. Settle in and admire the views as you sweep through Europe’s vast and varied countryside. Meet local people and discover hidden gems that unsuspecting air travellers miss out on. Slow travel helps us to fully relax on holiday and take stock of our surroundings.

With train travel increasing in popularity all over Europe, getting the train to your holiday destination is becoming easier and easier. So why not choose to navigate your way through Europe’s railway network on sleek high-speed, comfortable sleeper, and leisurely regional trains to reach all corners of the continent.

At Exodus, we recognise the urgent need to protect the planet we love and have joined other leading travel brands to declare a climate emergency. Read more about our declaration here. We truly believe that travel is a force for good and is hugely beneficial for all the communities it allows us to support, but we are also conscious of the carbon emissions flying produces. 

Fighting the climate crisis is a challenge that we all face together, and we are trying our best to do our bit to find ways for our clients to reduce their carbon footprint on our trips. We believe train travel is not only an eco-friendly way to reach our destinations but that it also helps you to enjoy your journey safe in the knowledge that your impact on the planet is lower than if you had chosen to fly- with travelling.

For example, travelling from London to Nice on the train produces 18kg of carbon per individual, where flying the same journey would emit 125kg* (over 7 times more). We also think that travelling by train adds to the wonder and adventure of your travel experience. So why don’t you take the train to your next Exodus trip and help us reach our science-based target to halve our carbon footprint per client by 2030?

While true adventurers (such as Exodus client, Barbara Wilcox) would say that it’s possible to access even the most remote European destinations by train and bus, we have identified a selection of our trips which we think are the easiest to access by train.

Don’t let worrying about the future of our planet stop you from enjoying it. Get on board with our effort to move towards more sustainable travel and relax on your holiday, happy in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to protect our planet.

*Figures provided by Seat61

Reach these Trips by Train