Train to Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

Take the Train

Global warming, shrinking ice caps, dwindling rainforests, species extinction! As a race we have become very adept at striking fear into each others hearts over the state of the environment, without giving too much away as to how, as individuals, we can do our bit to help. Ok, so we can use energy saving light bulbs and put the recycling out once a week in order to reduce some of the burgeoning impact of our day-to-day lives, however what about when we want to go on holiday? It has become more and more common that along with booking a holiday, you will be offered a nice slice of guilt for the cost of a newspaper. The media is all over the impact flying has on the environment and in classic journalistic style, giving us little or no alternative. Even carbon offsetting your flights has developed many detractors with the media, once again, leading the charge!

Here at Exodus we feel the need to offer our clients an alternative to air travel within Europe and to destinations where taking the train can be a viable alternative to flying. Although the exact figures are disputed they look something like this. For a train trip from Paris to Nice the train you will emit in the region of 10kg of CO2, where a plane will emit in the region of 200KG of CO2.

Another great advantage of the train is its relaxed nature. No check in desks, luggage collections and vast airports, overflowing with holidaymakers. The train offers you the ability to pass through Europe with the knowledge that your journey has in fact just become a part of your trip.

For these differing reasons train travel gives us the opportunity to offer our clients a way to get to their chosen destinations in comfort as well as dramatically reducing their environmental impacts.

See our selection of trips below that can be easily reached by train from the UK, make a difference, take the train.