Sustainable Travel: Planet

Protecting the planet we explore

Our People, Places & Planet plan works towards improving life through travel - for the places we visit on our adventures, the people we meet when there, and the planet which hosts us. Here, we describe our climate action plan.

We know that travel not only enriches lives and supports communities, but it also provides an incentive to protect the world’s most beautiful landscapes and intriguing cultures. We also know that if we don’t do everything we can now to protect the planet we love, we may irrecoverably damage the very things we travel for.

And the Planet pillar of our People, Places & Planet plan focuses on our climate action; how we’re going to cut our carbon footprint, help protect the biodiversity which captures carbon from the atmosphere and collaborate to accelerate change.


Reducing our footprint

We have set ourselves a science-based target to halve our carbon footprint per client by 2030. Here are some of the ways we’ll work towards this goal:

Reducing the footprint of our offices and trips

  • We are measuring the carbon footprint of each of our offices and during 2021, we will measure the carbon footprint of all of our trips to better inform our carbon reduction efforts and enable us establish a pathway to reach our 2030 target.
  • We will be piloting a selection of ‘ultra-low carbon trips’ in 2021 to trial different ways to reduce the footprint of our adventures.
  • We already have a policy of ensuring food provided on our trips is locally sourced wherever possible, meaning it’s not been transported long distances. We will be setting ourselves a 2021 goal to ensure we are measuring and maximising locally sourced food on our trips.
  • We already strive to offer lower carbon adventures in the following ways, and will continue to expand these efforts across our trips and measure our progress:
    • Opting for lower impact in-country transportation, and offering an extensive range of ‘self-powered’ holidays!
    • Favouring smaller, locally-run accommodation and eco-hotels, versus big hotel chains which have a bigger impact on the surrounding environments.
    • Choosing accommodation and restaurants using locally-sourced food which has not been transported long distances.
  • Our cross-company Climate Change Action Working Group is helping implement our plan across the business and engage staff in helping reduce our footprint.

Enabling clients to reduce the footprint of their travels

  • In 2021, offering train travel booking to many of our European trips, enabling 20% of our clients to take the train rather than fly to their Exodus adventure.Read more about taking the train to our destinations here.
  • Favouring aviation partners with more developed climate action and carbon reduction plans.
  • Continuing to ensure that there are always vegetarian – if not vegan - options available in the places we take our clients.
  • Continuing to keep our trips single-use plastic bottle free, and in 2021 extending these efforts to remove single-use plastics from all packed lunches and picnics provided on our trips.
  • Providing information and resources to help our clients reduce the carbon impact of their trips.


Protecting biodiversity

Our Climate Action Plan focuses first and foremost on carbon footprint reduction over and above mitigation. However, we also have both a desire and a responsibility to help protect the biodiversity and landscapes which play such a vital role in capturing the carbon we emit.

We currently fund carbon capture projects in Finland and India, but in 2021 will be launching a new partnership which significantly expands our support for biodiversity protection and carbon capture; we look forward to telling you more soon!


Collaborating for change and supporting innovation

We know we can’t tackle an issue of this size and complexity on our own; we need to work together across the sector, and with other sectors, to share knowledge and advocate for change.

  • We have joined other travel companies across the sector in declaring a climate emergency. As one of the pledge’s founding signatories, we will sit on the Tourism Declares voluntary board, with a responsibility for helping to engage and support the wider sector in climate change action.
  • We are part of ABTA sustainable travel working group, collaborating and sharing learnings with fellow travel companies to accelerate sector-wide carbon reduction.
  • In 2021, we will be putting our voice and our funding support behind campaigns and projects accelerating the progress towards low-carbon flying.

We don’t have all the answers yet and recognise we have a big challenge ahead, but we commit to keeping you updated on the progress of our climate change action. We also welcome your comments, ideas and questions: [email protected]

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our People, Places & Planet plan focuses on six UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

Goal 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production

Goal 13 - Climate action

Goal 14 - Life below water

Goal 15 - Life on land

Our priority impact areas

We reached out to our team, clients and partners on the ground to understand which areas of social and environmental impact Exodus Travels should prioritise. Consequently, the priority focuses of our People, Places & Planet plan are community economic empowerment, wildlife and biodiversity, waste reduction, and climate change action. Find out more about the plan here 

Exodus Travels Foundation

Our Foundation enables us to extend our vision of harnessing the positive power of travel for the people and places we visit. Thanks to the generosity of our clients and partners, we support many community-based projects in hard-to-reach destinations. Read more about our Foundation’s work here