Anyone discovering Sri Lanka from August 15


Suddenly feels like this holiday is a real thing, actually happening in only a few short weeks, so seemed like a good time to see if there were any fellow travelers out there?


I'll be on the trip! Got my final joining instructions today which makes it feel like its now actually happening. Will be great to meet everyone!


I'm arriving on the Saturday and staying in Negombo. Anyone else doing similar? I'll probably meet up with the group at the airport the next day, otherwise at the hotel.


Hello all,

I've just booked on too!
I'll be arriving separately but on the same day, a little later and meeting the group in the hotel.
looking forward to meeting everyone.
Has anyone been before?



I'm arriving on the Sunday with the main group I think. Never been before but really looking forward to it.

See you all in a couple of weeks!


Hi Helen,
I'll be a couple of hours later than some of the group but I think a few people are coming on different flights. Anyone going from London Heathrow?


I'm arriving on the group flight too which is leaving from Heathrow!


Hi all

I will also be joining this trip and will be on the group flight leaving Heathrow.

Really looking forward to this holiday. Never been to Sri Lanka before and also not travelled with Exodus before. Hoping for a great adventure and good company. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Has anyone had their rabies injection for this trip? My nurse is recommending a booster but it's £50!

Hi there,
I haven't been advised to get a rabies injection.
My nurse is charging me £30 for two injections - one is hep A, not sure what the other one is - will post again on Thursday. I know that hep A is available on the NHS...will ask the nurse when I see her.


Had a hepatitis A and Typhoid capsules (no injections in stock). £20 for the certificate.


Does anyone on the group flight know what the baggage allowance is? It says 30kg on the website but Andres said 23kg?

Sorry for the double post - i've had it confirmed as 30kg now if people needed to know!

Are people checking in online or just doing it at the airport?

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