Everest & Gokyo Lakes circuit (TNE) - 8th March 2017

Hi, I'm now all booked up and raring to go on this trek starting on 8th March next year and was wondering who else was on this trip?


Hi Andy, and any other fellow travellers on this trip. I'm all booked up now too. I've just been reading about vaccines, visas and packing. I'm really excited. Have you been to Nepal before?


Hi Guys, my wife, Ash, and I are doing this trek. It's our first trip to Nepal and our first trekking trip also. We're from Perth, Western Australia, where are you from?

I'm on. Just booked.

Myself and my partner Joe are all booked. Looking forward to trekking with you all

Hi fellow EBC trekkers, time to start sorting out vaccinations and spoke to Exodus who said Hep A, Polio/Typhoid & Diphtheria.

But the Doctors/clinic has also suggested we need Hep B, Rabies, Japanese Emphalitis and TB risk....

Anyone else have views on these?

Also, having loked at VISAs, whilst it suggests you ca do online a few weeks before, reviews seem to suggest its a waste of time as you still have to queue at airport when they cannot find it! So I'm thinking about pre-printing the VISA application, so I have it pre-completed when I get their......thoughts?

Looking forward to it and meeting you guys. Andy

intend to get my visa now. costs a bit more but avoid queuing

Im intending to sort mine before going - passport stamped.
More expensiv ebut dont fancy the queues

reading this site: http://travelhealthpro.org.uk/country/159/nepal#Vaccine_recommendations

Hep B & Jap. Enc seem to be worth while, but not essential.
Cholera and Rabies seem to be only if you're in a specific risk group which this trip is not.

Hi everyone,

I'm really looking forward to meeting you all in just over a month!

I asked Andre about the visa, he suggested that if we are all on the same flight coming in from London Heathrow then we will need to wait for everyone else to line up for their visa's. We'll all be on the same transport pick up from the airport. His thoughts were to get the visa at the airport. That's what I was planning to do unless you are all getting it early in which case I don't want to hold you all up.

Does anyone know where you get the VISA application from so that I can print it off?


Thanks very much Jez :)

recommended (NHS nurse) not to bother with Jap/cholera/typhus.

Appraently we wont be in the right season; will be <1month and not doing any risky activities.
Was only advised to ensure had plenty of 50% deet and avoid mozzie bites

Hi all, how are we all feeling about next week? Are you all flying out of Heathrow T4 on Weds?

As far as the VISA is concerned, I'm going to do it at the airport (as well as change up currency), but have used this link to the Nepal immigration site VISA application instead (as I think Jez's link is only if done via the London Embassy) - http://www.nepalimmigration.gov.np/

Look forward to meeting you all in one of the airports!!

Hi all fellow trekkers.

Final preparations are all underway. Myself and Joe are flying out from Heathrow T4 on Wednesday too.

Looking forward to meeting you all.


All packed and very excited, but a little nervous - need to respect the mountains I guess!

Can't wait to get to Kathmandu and then Lukla for the start of our adventure.......

Just the long flight between here and there!!

Cheers Andy

how much are you all budgeting? I'm really not clear how much to take. ballpark sterling amount?

Hi Jez,

I asked Andre the same question, he said £700 was more than enough and that £500 is enough to take on the trek part. The rest can be spent in Katmandu.

I'm flying from LHR T4 this evening. I look forward to seeing you all soon!


Likewise, I decided on about £600 of US$.

Also couldn't decide both on how cold it will be (especially in teahouses at night) and footwear for teahouses...so gone for thick down jacket and trainers.

Also just checked in online and looking forward to meeting you guys at T4 / on plane.


Andy - I'll be joining you in the line in Nepal, I'm going to do my VISA there too.

See you soon!

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