Worth More Alive X: The Suit, the Species, the Story….

Ten Years of Stripes and Strife

Twenty-one years ago, Paul Goldstein saw his first Bengal Tiger. Six months later, the pelt of this magnificent male resided on the back of a ‘gentleman’ in China. Paul had no idea then how much this first sighting would affect him. In 2009, no stranger to long-distance running, he decided to run the London marathon … dressed as an unfeasibly large tiger. Since then he has run fifteen marathons dressed in his now fabled suit and raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities in Bandhavgarh.

In April he runs London for the last time. Five weeks later he, and a group of supporters will trek Everest Base Camp and then on May 29th run the daunting Everest Marathon. The funds he raises, already over £60,000 will help rebuild two new schools for 1000 pupils on the boundary of the park.

This evening will be a poignant but also hilarious look back at the suit’s genealogy, what Bengal tigers are currently facing and Paul’s personal pictorial story of 21 years with tigers. Paul will be interviewed on stage about his ten years with the tiger suit by one Simon Calder, the BBC’s Mr. Travel, the travel editor of the Independent and long-time colleague and sparring partner of Paul. Despite their friendship, Simon is a superb journalist and like Paul, never one to tiptoe around sensitive questions.

Location: The Royal Geographical Society, London
Date: May 13th, 2020 doors open at 6:15pm

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