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In Banff, they take the well-used idiom, “old guy’s do it better” to heart. Particularly when it comes to Canada’s elder statesmen, who believe that patience and maturity supersede the way that the younger generations approach life living out in the wilderness. From kayaking on the turquoise, glacier fed waters of Lake Louise to driving through the Icefields Parkway and trekking past pine-covered foothills, beauty greets you at every turn on our Banff National Park tours.

If you've never experienced the Canadian Rockies before, then this is a fantastic place to start, and once you finally prise yourself out of their bubbling hot springs, the sights you’ll see in this national park are bound to leave indelible imprints on your memory.

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Banff National Park Tours

Canadian Family Discovery

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The perfect family outdoor adventure set within the most amazing scenery that Canada has to offer.

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Insider Tip: Fly over Banff like an eagle

If you've always wanted to have the opportunity to take a helicopter ride over the glaciers, mountains and shimmering lakes of Banff, then a trip will not disappoint. Imagine soaring over ice fields and keeping an eye out for grizzly bears as you skirt pine forests and listen to your guide pointing out the natural landmarks below. With stunning aerial views in every direction, the only thing you need to do is buckle up and watch the rotor blades whir into action.

Best time to visit Banff National Park

It’s probably worth recommending that you should pack clothing for every weather condition that you can possibly think of, because Banff’s weather forecasts are known to change quickly. As a rule, you can expect June, July and August to be relatively warm in Canada, offering perfect walking opportunities for hiking enthusiasts. Outside of these months, temperatures can get chilly, especially at night, however, on the plus side you will experience less crowds in these transitional months of September and October, which will also allow you to take advantage of the spectacular colour-changing foliage.

The holiday was brilliant! I wanted to introduce my 8 year old daughter to the outdoors, and our...

Mel Cooke, 2016 Canadian Family Discovery

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