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Albania Hiking & Walking

Hiking Albania

Hiking Tours in Albania

Top 5 Destinations on Hiking Tours in Albania

White Circle: The ‘White Circle’ has been given its name owing to the peaks in the Albania Alps which tower over 2,000 metres. Trekking high up in this region presents you with some of the most inspiring views in the country, which stretch out to Jezerca and Maja e Herurave. You’ll also enjoy panoramic vistas over the pretty valley below. Choose to either walk the full distance of the ‘White Circle’ or just hike to the imposing ridge before descending back down into the valley.

Komani Lake: Hugged on all sides by stunning mountain scenery, Komani Lake enjoys a beautiful setting close to the Valbona Valley National Park in northern Albania. The artificial lake was created in 1980 with a tall dam on one side and the three hydroelectric plants that have been built here produce around 70% of the country’s electricity. The backdrop to Komani Lake is out of this world and makes a wonderful destination for walking tours in Albania. Take a boat trip across the water to enjoy the scenery from a different perspective as you sail beneath imposing cliffs and mountains.

Berat: Sloping down to the shores of the Osum River, the town of Berat is known for its white Ottoman houses, hilltop castle and Byzantine churches. The old town is extremely picturesque, and a walking tour guides you among the cobbled streets lined with beautiful architecture, and to the 18th-century Ethnographic Museum and the King Mosque.  Standing on the side of Mount Tomorr, Berat Castle is one of the main sites to visit and here you’ll discover the Red Mosque, the Onufri National Museum and the Byzantine churches wrapped inside the castle walls. Walk to the summit of Mount Tomorr for immense views over the town and countryside.

Shkodër: The city of Shkodër lies in the north of Albania and is a popular stopping place for walkers heading to the Albanian Alps or Komani Lake. As well as wandering around the local cafes and shops, it’s worth spending some time visiting the historical sites. Just a 30-minute walk from the centre of the city is the 14th-century Rozafa Castle, which has become one of Albania’s main attractions. As you explore the old stone walls, winding staircases and archways, you’ll learn about the legendary tales that surround the castle.

Tirana: A true Balkan gem, Tirana is the colourful capital of Albania but coursing through the walls of its pastel-coloured buildings is a turbulent history. The city is renowned for its showy Ottoman architecture and there are several significant landmarks worth visiting where you can learn more about Tirana’s fascinating past. Head to Skanderbeg Square to see the equestrian statue or visit the National History Museum to discover Albania’s history, from prehistoric times through to its communist era and the subsequent revolt of the anti-communists in the late 20th century.

This holiday was both challenging and exhilarating. The scenery was spectacular and the weather perfect for walking in February. We had clear and careful guidance from our guide before and during the walks which probably helped the group to gain most from the experience (different goals for members of the group) Our guide, Jose, loved his local area and was able to add a lot of information and was very supportive of all.

Ann Cockburn Sierra de Aitana Trek

I loved this trip. The hiking was a great level for a sporty but relaxed holiday, with hikes that were just the right length and suitably varied. The scenery was stunning and the mountains weren’t crowded, we passed a few local hikers but were largely on our own. Jose the guide was so passionate about the area and was full of information about the plants and animals of the mountains.

Jade Rolph Sierra de Aitana Trek

An amazing adventure exploring beautiful Kerala with local guides.

Simon Greenslade Spice Trails of Kerala