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Wildlife Holidays in Rwanda

Wildlife Holidays in Rwanda

Rwanda Wildlife Holidays

Top 5 Rwanda Wildlife

Gorillas: Rwanda’s volcanoes are a natural habitat for the mountain gorilla with around a third of the country’s population found here. The gorilla is one of the most significant species of wild animals in Rwanda but sadly they have become endangered in more recent years. There are two different species of gorilla: the mountain gorilla and Grauer’s gorillas. One of the best places to see these majestic animals is at Volcanoes National Park which lies in north-western Rwanda. The park covers approximately 160k of rainforest and plays host to eight volcanoes.

Elephants: There are various species of elephant found in Rwanda, mainly in Akagera National Park where there are believed to be 100 living at this present time, although the population is on the increase. Unfortunately poaching is still a huge threat to these beautiful animals but there are ongoing conservation projects in place to protect the species. The African savanna elephant is the largest of the species and an adult male can weigh up to a staggering 10 tonnes. Surprisingly their prehensile trunks are extremely strong and can lift almost 3% of their own body weight.

Lions: Prior to the Rwandan Civil War in 1994, lions were in abundance. However, many were sadly killed during the conflict and there are believed to be just 25 remaining in Rwanda. The majority of the lions are now protected in Akagera National Park, and it’s thought that some may have arrived from Tanzania. During a major conservation project, seven lions were donated by two national parks in South Africa to increase the population in Rwanda.

Antelope: Native to Africa, there are several species of antelope found in Rwanda, mainly in Akagera National Park, which stands in the east of the country. While impalas, duikers and klipspringers have made the park their home, the more common roan antelopes are often found in woodlands and savannah grasslands. The roan is one of the continent’s largest hooved animals, only outsized by the eland and African buffalo. Easily recognised by its reddish-brown colour, the roan is the most familiar species to anyone embarking on a wildlife tour of Akagera National Park.

Guereza: Probably the least recognisable of all the above Rwandan wildlife, the Guereza is a small black and white monkey found in African countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Nigeria. The beautiful mantled species has a long silky white fringe, and its natural habitat is that of savannah woodland, swamps and rivers where there are plenty of trees to feed off.

The whole trip was amazing. The organisation was great, guides superb and game viewing simply stunning.
It was very hot, much hotter than I expected but the activities were early morning or evening which made everything bearable. The wild camping days were great fun, if very basic, but a great experience. Our guide Onary was a fantastic cook and some of our best food was in that wild camp.

Margaret Baker Botswana & Zimbabwe Lodge Safari

A holiday of contrasts -the hubbub of Kathmandu, the magnificence of the Annapurna range and the luxury of the Bahari Jungle Lodge in Chitwan.

We had a superb tour guide in Kathmandu who was happy to answer any question and who took us to see the living goddess! Our original hotel was very average but we were moved to the much more upmarket Yak and Yeti for the final night, which was the original hotel when we booked the trip and is now advertised for future trips.

I really enjoyed the trekking experience, the scenery was spectacular, the lodges were very comfortable, the food really good and the staff excellent. Our guide and porters were amazing, it was very sad bidding them farewell.

Chitwan was a complete contrast, much warmer, very luxurious. We were kept busy there. The jeep safari was my favourite, fortunately we did this early in the morning when the park inhabitants are more lively. To get to the National Park we simply took a boat across the river from the lodge, so easy! We didn’t see a tiger but saw several one horned rhinos, including a mother and calf whom we observed for some time. It would have been great to have one more day there to chill, to enjoy a dip in the pool, to sit on our balcony of our lovely ‘hut’.

Our last full day, the ‘approximately 5 hours’ on a coach turned into about 8 hours on a holiday, a day when traffic is much quieter than normal. We did not arrive in Kathmandu until about 4pm, it left little time to do anything before our farewell meal. I would have preferred to pay a little extra to fly! It was a disappointing end to our holiday.

Elaine Wilkinson Annapurna Trails & Chitwan – Premium Adventure

My family saved up money to have a holiday of a lifetime. We were promised in the brochure and online that this was a Premium holiday with 4/5* hotels, an expert guide and superb mountain views. This was not the holiday we received in many areas. Some parts such as the trekking and lodges were excellent but as you will see below in my comments a lot fell short of what we had paid for and I would not book another ‘premium’ holiday with Exodus again.

Sally Wilson Annapurna Trails & Chitwan – Premium Adventure