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Atacama Desert
Bolivia Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert Tours

Atacama Desert Tours

Bolivia is the poorest country in South America and it showed. Many roads are unpaved. People subsist on a daily budget – don’t work that day, don’t eat. But, although the trip has some challenges – altitude, long, dusty transfers, road blocks and strikes around Santa Cruz, the sites are spectacular and worth a bit of discomfort.

Helen Bouchami Highlights of Bolivia

It was a really busy but completely rewarding experience. We got a real flavour of the whole country, with its diverse landscapes, welcoming people and ancient culture. Our guide Julia was superb. Her knowledge of the history, diverse peoples, land and nature really enriched the experience and her care in ensuring we weren’t floored by our time at altitude helped greatly. On some days we were often lucky enough to be the only visitors to some sites which added to the amazing atmosphere. I’d definitely recommend visiting now before it gets too busy in the coming years.

Karen Hibbert Highlights of Bolivia

An exhausting trip as so much travel involved but entirely worth it – Julia our guide was exceptional – we all agreed best guide we have ever had and should surely win guide of the year award! Also, we were blessed to have an amazing group so that made the times and experiences should be shared well with fond memories and laughs along the way. The county itself is diverse and massive – lots of bumpy roads and long drives. But, you will be wowed and rewarded with every new destination. It was a real adventure and not a ‘holiday’ as such – came back knackered but so pleased i went – well worth seeing and so glad we had a exceptional guide and great group!

Mary Roser Highlights of Bolivia