The Taj Mahal

Exodus Edits: Incredible India - Which Type of Traveller Are You?

Kaleidoscopic and multi-faceted, India easily makes it to the top of every traveller’s bucket list. Rightly so, we say. Whether you’re the type that wants to delve into the history of a place or like to absorb yourself in the lives, religion and cuisine of today’s locals, our two-week Bazaars & Backwaters in India trip takes you on an unforgettable adventure.

The Eternal Learner

The history and architecture of India is a treasure trove for travellers that love to understand the influences that shape a country. On a walking tour guided by ex-street children, you’ll get to see a different side to Delhi and ask plenty of questions along the way. You’ll stay in a 15th-century Fort-Palace that whisks you back to a bygone era, and marvel at the architecture of a deep stepwell in Rajasthan. Later in the trip, you’ll cycle around historical Fort Cochin in the south and learn the fascinating legacy of ancient traders and travellers.

Taj MahalIndian Fort

The Yogi

Yoga originated in Northern India. So, what better place for keen yogis to learn more about their practice? A yoga class at dawn takes place in front of the Taj Mahal, bathed in the morning light. And in the spa of Neemrana Fort-Palace on the Aravelli Hills outside Delhi, there’s indoor and outdoor yoga alongside a suite of meditation and therapies. At Cardamom County, a nature retreat in Thekkady, there are yoga sessions to kickstart the day before venturing out into misty valleys of Periyar National Park.

Neemrana FortNeemrana Fort 

The Spiritualist

A profoundly spiritual nation, India has faith-followers from Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and more. You’ll visit a Sikh temple in Old Delhi, where you’ll meet the people that feed thousands of Delhi’s most impoverished citizens every day. A sense of spirituality is palpable wherever you travel in India, and the local guides that escort you to India’s highlights can divulge more about their faiths and festivals. 

Spiritual Men in IndiaSpiritual Men in India

The Shutterbug

Whether you’re a proper camera type or tote the latest camera phone, keen photographers are overwhelmed when it comes to colourful subject matters in India. Relish the challenge of capturing an atmospheric street scene that encapsulates the hecticness of Old Delhi. Take snaps of the vibrant bazaars and food markets in Jaipur. Compose a photo of the iconic houseboats of Alleppey and the locals crafting bangles and pottery in a Dhula village. Get an iconic and frame-worthy shot of the sun rising over the Taj Mahal. Or, if wildlife photography is your bag, try and snap the elusive animals of Periyar National Park.

Colourful Sandals in Indian MarketColourful Sandals in Indian Market

The Insatiable Discoverer

A smorgasbord of sensory delights, India is the perfect destination for those who want to immerse themselves in action. Haggle with street vendors. Learn to dance Bollywood style. Take a dromedary. Sit shoulder-to-shoulder with the locals.  And immerse yourself in the art scene of Cochin. It’s a trip that places you in the centre of all the action, so you re-emerge from your Indian melee with everlasting memories.

Architecture in IndiaArchitecture in India

The Foodie

India is home to an astounding array of flavours that are regionally distinct but with spice at their heart. Foodies rejoice at the marinated meats and delicious curries here. The street food, experienced on a tour in Jaipur, is as flavoursome as it is colourful. Down south, sample the freshest seafood specialities in a waterfront restaurant in Kerala, learn how spices are grown and taste them for yourself in a spice plantation tour in Periyar National Park. 

Spices and Street Food in New DelhiSpices and Street-Food in New Delhi