Exodus Edits: 5 ways to get your heart racing in Nepal

Love that rush of endorphins when your heart rate spikes? Skip a fly and flop and plump for something more exhilarating. Euphoric moments are waiting in Nepal - an extraordinary country north of India and south of Tibet. Our Mountain Vistas & River Quests in Nepal trip is a 13-day extravaganza of high-energy escapades that’ll send your bpm rocketing.


1. Himalayan trekking


Ahh, the Annapurnas. A hulking mountain range that tempts novice adventurers with challenging (but achievable) climbs and memory-searing scenery. Your heart rate will rise on a four-day trek that has you venturing into the clouds, alongside rivers and farms, and weaving through small communities. At the end of each day, there’s a hot meal (and stellar views) waiting at acclaimed Ker & Downey lodges dotted along the trail.

On the first night, your climb is rewarded with views of Fishtail Mountain – a sacred, unclimbed mountain – from the lodge’s outdoor terrace. A five-hour trek the next day brings you to a lofty 6,500 feet altitude overlooking distant villages from Ker & Downey’s Himalaya Lodge in Ghandruk. Settle down with a drink and allow your legs to recover from the challenge and burn of the steep climb.

2. Lakeside biking

lakeside biking

Post-trek, swap hiking boots for bare feet as you kick off Day 8 with morning yoga in Pokhara, the adventure capital of Nepal. You’ll flow from Downward Dog to Warrior to Mountain Pose and let your heart rate ease in a Savasana. The afternoon brings added oomph by way of mountain biking around Lake Phewa, a glassy body of water that’s overlooked by the World Peace Pagoda. Feel your heart rate rise on challenging uphills before freewheeling down with the lake on one side and mountains and forests on the other.

Well-deserved recovery is waiting back at Atithi Resort near the lakeside, where a spa offers a menu of massages to soothe achy muscles. Or there’s an outdoor pool for laps if active recovery is your modus operandi. Either way, seize a moment of downtime while you can – adventure always rolls around quickly in Nepal.  

3. River rafting


Day 9 of our Nepalese trip has you taking to the Seti River on a two-day rafting adventure. An experienced crew helps navigate the occasional rapid, leaving you free to enjoy the lowland jungle scenery as you head downstream on a four-hour journey deep into wild Nepal.

Come twilight, you’ll reach a remote River Camp where the rafts are tied up for the night. Swap stories around the fire pit before retreating to a simple tent for a peaceful night’s rest, feeling a million miles away from your usual 9-5.

4. Rhino spotting


On Day 10, there’s a morning of rafting on the Seti, navigating several feisty Grade II rapids. But there are long, calm stretches to sit back and enjoy the Nepalese wilderness. You’re back on dry land by the afternoon, bound for Chitwan National Park, a wildlife wonderland where you can be within a whisper of wild animals. This marshland and grassland reserve is home to large animals, including elusive Bengal tigers, wild elephants, and Indian one-horned rhinos. If you’re lucky enough to spot a rhino, it’s a heart-stopping moment – the Indian one-horned rhino is the largest rhino species and a seriously impressive sight. Thanks to strict protection by the Nepalese authorities and habitat restorations, rhino populations are increasing, although they remain vulnerable.

5. Crocodile canoeing


Day 11 starts on a tranquil note. You’ll wake to jungle sounds in Jagatpur Lodge on the banks of the Rapti River. Ever wanted to see a Giant Hornbill or Paradise Flycatcher? Now’s your chance. A pre-breakfast walk to spot exotic birdlife eases you into a day that quickly ups the ante when you trade birdwatching for croc spotting.

Setting off in a dugout canoe on the Rapti River, the mission of the day is glimpsing critically endangered gharial crocodiles. Known for their long snouts filled with razor-sharp teeth, the sight of one of these reptiles is a sure-fire way to get an adrenaline rush.


If we’ve inspired you to book a trip to Nepal, find out more information about our Mountain Vistas & River Quests in Nepal here.