The Best Trips For Flying Solo in 2021

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that unexpected things happen. Curveballs. Spanners in the works. Things that unceremoniously shove us back to the drawing board. That relationship that was going oh-so-well and you were planning a romantic escape à deux? It didn't pan out after all. And those friends that promised you that you'd take on an epic adventure together to make up for 2020? Well, one's pregnant, and the other's got a new job. Sigh.

It's easy to shelve travel plans. Put off travelling until the circumstances perfectly align. But more and more people are choosing to fly solo in their 30s and 40s and put their own travel fantasies first. Should you be one of them?


Take an Italian sojourn

Amalfi Coast

If you're travelling solo for the first time, an action-packed mini-break somewhere not too far from home might be a comfortable place to start. On our five-day Landscapes & Limoncello in Amalfi trip, you'll meet others like you and spend your days exploring the coastline and towns of this glorious part of Italy with them. It's designed with tried-and-tested activities such as boat trip to Capri, a sensational walk to Positano, and limoncello tasting in Ravello. But there's plenty of time to explore at your own pace too, with the helpful and reassuring guidance of a tour leader.


Plunge into Turkey

Kayaking in Turkey

Perhaps you've had trouble convincing some less adventurous friends that a week flinging yourself down canyons, sea kayaking, and cycling is the perfect antidote to 2020? We say do it anyway. For those hungry for an adventure this year (and who can blame you?) Sports & Sundowners in Turkey packs in high-octane activities, with time to kick back and enjoy the gorgeous scenery too.


Mingle in Mexico


Moving around Mexico to see some of its highlights might not be something you want to do off the cuff – at least not alone. So, if you find yourself without a buddy to embark on a Mexican odyssey with, spending eight days on our Secrets & Civilisations in Mexico trip with other soloists could be the perfect answer. With your group, you'll share some incredible experiences such as cycling through Mayan ruins, boating on the Rio Secreto and trekking through a jungle. The second half of the trip is spent beachside in Tulum, where there's plenty of time to get to know everyone better.


Head East to Vietnam


Harbouring a hankering for Vietnam? Maybe your friends or partner ticked it off their bucket list in their backpacking days and have other destinations in their sights. But if it's on your wish list, don't let the lack of a fellow traveller stop you. On our Pho, Fun & Sun in Vietnam, you'll meet other solo nomads. Together you'll follow an awesome itinerary that means you'll experience Vietnam properly, from its food to its scenery, to its cities and countryside. And all in considerably more style than the backpackers.


Clear your head in Croatia


Maybe it's not a lack of willing co-travellers that has you longing for a bit of time alone. Sometimes, we all need a bit of headspace and anonymity. Some time to focus inwards. And if biking is your thing, spending five days experiencing our Cycles & Scenery in Croatia trip could be just the ticket. Yes, there'll be others there too, some welcome company to enjoy leisurely dinners and a boat trip to Mljet Island with. But as you cycle the vineyards and coastlines of Croatia, it might give you the time you need to reflect and realign.