Costa Rica

Future travel: the trends for 2022

The pandemic has re-shaped how we look at travel. We used to take getting away for granted, and now it’s something we cherish in a whole new wayWith so many missed experiences, we’re looking for travel to deliver things that we might not have craved in the past. These themes are driving new trends – which resonates with you? 


Highly concentrated adventures  

Costa Rica

While some lucky ones have managed to escape overseas between various lockdowns and restrictions, others have stayed put for two years, creating a pent-up wanderlust. When you’re ready to make up for lost time, going big and cramming in as much adventure and variety possible has given rise to more once-in-a-lifetime style trips. Exotic and diverse trips, like action-packed Rainforest & Restful Retreats in Costa Rica, has back-to-back experiences. Every day brings something new, from river tubing down the Rio Celeste to swinging through a tree canopy to surfing on the Pacific.   


Digital detoxing 


Zoom meetings. Netflix binges. Aimless Instagram scrolling. It’s time to step away from the screen. Digital detoxes have been around for a while in that sort of no shoes, no news kind of way. But our version involves more than just chilling out. On a Digital Detox in Portugal, there’s the optimum blend of activities (including coastal biking and surf lessons), along with a designated destress day that’s set aside for yoga and spa. The question is – can you ditch your phone for the whole five days? 


People-focussed travels


The pandemic shrank our social circles. Well-intentioned catchups in the early days disappeared as Zoom fatigue set in. Long-term WFH has continued to limit our social interactions - that quick hello to the receptionist, or those flirty glances with the guy on the third floor whose name you don’t knowhave all but gone. We’re ready to reunite with old mates and meet new friends too. Trips that promise to be memory-making and people-focussed, like Sailing Yachts & Sandy Spots in Greece, not only give you chance to chat with Greek islanders, but you’ll get to know your crew and new friends as your yacht makes its way around the Saronic Gulf.  


Wellbeing trips and rejuvenating experiences 

Mount Batur

Travel is good for the soul. After a tough couple of years, venturing back into the wider world can offer an unparalleled perspective. There’s a notable trend towards trips that put wellness first, which comes in many forms, from your typical spa experience to something spiritual, utterly indulgent, or a challenge that releases a rush of endorphins to give our mental health a boost. Our Sunrises & Summits in Bali trip weaves through all those elements, including relaxing in the holy hot springs after sunrise hike to conquer the Mount Batur volcano with a champagne breakfast at the summit. 



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