Children above Sutjeska Canyon

Exodus Edits: How we give children the chance of adventure

The opportunity to travel is a privilege. We live and breathe our responsible travel policies but go beyond simply trying to tread a little lighter wherever we roam. The Inspiration Project is Exodus Edits’ way to share the joy and value of travel with the children that live in the destinations that we visit.

School children in Masai Mara

Sharing knowledge

The Inspiration Project took a group of primary school children from Kenya to see the wildlife of Masai Mara. Although the Naboisho conservancy is only six miles from their school, there had never been funding available for a game drive to see the animals for themselves. Sharing the thrill of a game drive with the children was more than the chance to see lion cubs and elephants up-close. It helped inspire a passion and pride in their country, motivating them to protect Kenya’s precious assets and wildlife.

Instilling wonder

In rural Laos, the Inspiration Project took children on a boat along the Mekong to the temples, villas, and waterfalls of Luang Prabang. Visitors travel thousands of miles to experience this atmospheric town, but these local children had never had the opportunity. They spent the day learning about their local heritage and how they are part of it – and how they are part of the future too. Their day instilled enthusiasm for their country that they took home with them to share with their community.

Giving experiences

In Sri Lanka, the Inspiration Project took a group of children to the coast. For most of them, it was the first time they had seen the sea, let alone the chance to paddle in the waters and feel the sand between their toes. In Cambodia, we took children to see the enigmatic Angkor Wat. And city children from Amman left their urban environment for the first time to visit wondrous Petra.

Children smiling at Taj Mahal

Building confidence

In India, our tour leader Krishna has toured the Taj Mahal more times than he can remember. But taking village children to Agra was an entirely different experience. He watched the children’s faces light up as they saw the exquisite Taj Mahal and saw their confidence grow over the day.

When you book a trip with Exodus Edits, you’ll live an incredible adventure. But you’ll also give an adventure to a local child thanks to a £15 contribution to the Inspiration Project.