Yosemite National Park

Exodus Edits: Our Favourite Spooky Spots Around the World

Halloween is just days away – and how better to get in the mood than with some spook-tacular tales of real-life hauntings? Turn down the lights, break out the candy corn, and tuck in for some seriously eerie stories from our favourite destinations around the world…


The Sinister House on Saphi Street - Cusco, Peru

The Sinister House- Saphi Street, Peru

Just blocks from Cusco’s main square, on Saphi Street, there’s a three-story house that’s been abandoned for 70 years. Local legends surrounding the place range from a jealous man killing his lover there, to a large family all found dead with no explanation. More recently, in 2013, a Chilean cult leader accused of killing a child was found hanged in the property.

Over the years, people have reported hearing strange noises and cries from inside the building. Although local residents are mostly unwilling to enter, those who’ve made their way inside have experienced feelings of severe unease and even distress.

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Teatro Massimo - Palermo, Sicily

Teatro Massimo- Sicily

The history of Sicily’s capital city already has a bloody history, through its ties to the Sicilian mafia. If you’re looking for a more traditional haunting, though, the Teatro Massimo is said to be haunted by the ghost of a nun, known as ‘La Monachella’.

The controversial project to build the Teatro Massimo involved the destruction of four churches and two convents. It’s said that the building work desecrated the grave of a former Mother Superior, and her spirit haunts the theatre to this day. During the 23 years it took to construct the opera house, many of the original backers died, including the architect– could the curse of La Monachella be the reason?

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Yosemite National Park, USA

Yosemite National Park

Like any good forest, Yosemite has its fair share of supernatural tales, passed around campfires through the ages. Bigfoot sightings, mysterious deer heads and otherworldy beings all feature, but one of our favourites is a cautionary tale about staying safe on the trails.

According to legend of the Ah-wah-nee tribe, two women were picking berries at the top of one of the park’s numerous waterfalls when a mist rose, pulling one of the women into the churning waters below. The chief blamed an evil spirit, called Po-ho-no, said to claim those who came too close to the waterfall’s edge.

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‘The Unlucky Mummy’ – Egypt

The Unlucky Mummy

For our final tale, we journey to Egypt – a country already teeming with bandage-wrapped ancient myths and legends, to explore the story of the ‘Unlucky Mummy’. Although the artefact itself can now be found in the British Museum, its story begins in 1860s Egypt, where four Oxford graduates decided to pick up a souvenir of their visit, in the form of the coffin lid of a priestess of Amen-Ra.

On the return trip, two of the graduates died, and a third accidentally shot himself in the arm, resulting in an amputation. The fourth lost his entire fortune (twice), a photographer and porter trying to take a photograph of it died, as did the man translating its hieroglyphs. Throughout the years since, many more people associated with the coffin lid were plagued with bad luck.

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The lost sunken city of Kekova, Turkey

Kekova island, Turkey

Shrouded in mystery, the now uninhabited island of Kekova situated near Demre in Turkey, was once home to an ancient Lycian settlement. If haunted houses in the dark of night aren’t your thing, why not spend the afternoon kayaking towards the mysterious underwater ruins of Dolchiste located on the northern side of Kekova on our Sports & Sundowners in Turkey trip?

Now it may not have ghostly spirits and ghouls lurking in the corals, but this ancient sunken ground has an unsettling history that would give anyone chills up their spine. Historians claim that Dolchiste became half emerged by a terrible earthquake in the 2nd century. But the horror wasn’t over, after its inhabitants came back to rebuild the settlement, the imminent threat of an Arab invasion caused the locals to flee for their lives, leaving the city abandoned for centuries. Despite its turbulent history, the crystal-clear waters, piercing blue skies and orange-hued sunsets look more like a Van Gogh painting than your average Halloween nightmare – but we think it deserves a spot on our spooky list regardless.