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Exodus Edits: The stigma of travelling as a solo traveller

If you’re contemplating your first solo trip away, you’re bound to feel nervous or have a few doubts. But, can we just stop you in your tracks? You’re about to join the ranks of the most fulfilled travellers.

The rise of the solo tourist is one of the biggest trends in travel. A recent survey by ABTA showed a 150% rise in solo travel by British holidaymakers in the past seven years. In fact, approximately 50% of our customers choose to go it alone.

So, even if there was any stigma attached to travelling tout seul, surely the advancing army of solo travellers are rewriting the rules? Let’s talk about the so-called stigma of travelling solo and bust some of those myths.

Myth #1: There’s a stigma attached to travelling solo

Stigma? What stigma? Perhaps the old perception of a solo traveller was someone who simply didn’t have anyone to travel with them, but nowadays, more and more of us are discovering the benefits of travelling alone. And we’re leaving our partners, kids and friends at home to do it.

Whether your goal is some well-earned ‘me’ time or a trip where only you get to call the shots - focusing on just yourself for a period of time can be truly restorative. Imagine the joy of a holiday where you pick your preferred itinerary. On our Edits trips, you get to do just that and although you may be travelling solo, you do it with a group of like-minded people. No more arguments about lounging by the pool versus sight-seeing. Or where to eat. Our holidays enable you to reaffirm your independence and exercise your right to selfishly please just you. How often do you get to do that?

Myth #2: No one will talk to you

If it’s your first solo trip, this might be high up on your list of concerns. But you needn’t worry - in fact, you might just make some friends for life. Our Edits trips offer the perfect balance of independence and camaraderie. A ‘solo’ holiday, but with groups of between 6 and 16 like-minded people; you can choose anything from action and aperitivos on the Amalfi Coast to walking the Inca Trail in Peru. Adventures that are sure to bond you together from the start.

However, for some of us, a solo trip is a chance to take a break from the small talk of our day-to-day lives. And that’s okay too. It’s your holiday, you can choose who to talk to and when to talk. So, whether that means you’d prefer to sit back and watch the world go by; have a deep and meaningful conversation with a stranger in a bar; or talk about your shared love of dance music with a fellow hiker on Mount Toubkal, you’re free to do what feels right for you. 

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Myth #3: You’ll feel or look out of place

Life is busy. And you don’t always have time to do any research before you go away. (You’ve only just managed to get out of the office in time). The beauty of a group trip is that although you’re getting your solo travel on, you don’t have to worry about what to do and how to do it, as your perfect itinerary is already mapped out for you. Plus, you’ve got a little gang of like-minded folk to share it with. And if you like a bit of freewheeling on your holidays, our Edit trips have a bit of free time to fill just how you choose.

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Myth #4: You’ll miss having someone to share the experience with

Yes, holidays with your friends and family are great and those experiences you share strengthen and enhance your relationships. But sometimes you’ve got to push yourself out of your comfort zone to reap the ultimate rewards. Have you always wanted to trek Nepal or go canyoning in Turkey, but you’ve had to choose something else to suit the rest of your party? A group holiday means you can share the thrills with people who are really up for it and the encounters you have will give you lots to talk about over dinner.

As for your loved ones back home, they’ll love marvelling at your adventures via social media. And most likely, feel a little jealous too!

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Travelling solo is something all of us need to do at least once in our lives. Going it alone will boost your self-confidence, enrich your life and reaffirm your relationship with yourself. What are you waiting for?