Exodus Edits: Virtual Adventure Backgrounds

Virtual Adventure Backgrounds you never knew you needed, until now

We’re so excited to see the world opening again. This means you can finally pop into your hairdressers to tame those lockdown tresses; you can book that dinner in your favourite restaurant that’s wafting their best flavours your way again, but most importantly, you can also start thinking about which country you want to book your next adventure in. With over 70 countries now welcoming explorers from the UK to do what they do best, it’s time to dust off your bucket lists and delve right into planning-mode. And once you’ve homed in on which trip you want to do, why not make your friends and colleagues jealous in the meantime when you’re working from home with our awesome virtual backgrounds. You know, ‘cause everyone loves a bragger.

Right click, and select ‘Save image as’ to download your background.

exodus edits pure bliss sunset


exodus edits stunning windmill sunset

exodus edits dreamy coastal escape


exodus edits greek island retreat

exodus edits epic iceland waterfall