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Wellness in the wild: Why Costa Rica ticks all the feel-good boxes

What does ‘wellness’ mean to you? Perhaps it’s spa-like pampering. Maybe it’s something deeply meditative. On the flip side, it could be the exhilaration of a challenge and pushing yourself physically beyond what you thought was possible. Then again, it could simply be about living a healthy life.  

So, why did we ask? Because we think trips should make you feel good. Restored. Refreshed. Well. Whether because you’ve slowed down, sped up, or a bit of both. And, arguably more than anywhere else in the world, Costa Rica delivers wellness in spades. Here’s why.  

There’s wildlife abound 

Celeste River

OK, it’s a weathered reason. But honestly (and without hyperbole), the wildlife in Costa Rica is sensational. In Tenorio Volcano National Park, you’ll feel a world away from the UK. Here, the rivers run vividly blue, and there’s an eternal soundtrack of birdsong and monkey calls (you know, the type that inspires all the soundscapes on your favourite meditation app).What better location to just sit a while, enjoy some quiet and solitude, and take a mindful moment? 

You can soothe and pamper 

thermal pools

Forget spas with their plinky plonky music. When you ease into the natural riverbank pools in Costa Rica, fed by naturally warmed thermal water, you don’t need music to invite the feeling of utter relaxation. Applying a volcanic mud masque is much more satisfying than anything out of a pot or a tube. Then wash it off in the crystal-clear rivers, revealing super soft skin. Gorgeous. 

You find the feeling of freeness 

zip line

If you’ve ever tried zip lining before, you’ll know that freeing feeling as you whizz through the air. And let’s just say that the experience in Costa Rica ups the ante. Here, not only will you fly through the trees, but you’ll climb, swing, and tiptoe over-hanging bridges on a movie-like adventure. It’s the sort of experience that’ll test your nerves but remind you how good the feeling is when you reach the finish line.  

Say hello to those endorphins 

costa rica

Nothing makes us feel quite as alive as a rush of endorphins – you know, those happy hormones typically associated with exercise. And when you get out on the waves of the Pacific Ocean to learn or master surfing or SUP, you can pretty much guarantee a big old rush of these feel-good chemicals. As well as restorative lungfuls of fresh air and blood pounding through your body, you’ll also soak up plenty of Vitamin D as you reflect on your victories after a lesson.  

Aaaand relax… 


If you’re not the type that finds lounging on a sunbed relaxing, you’re not alone. But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t find other ways to unwind. Snorkelling is one of those perfect hybrid activities – the ideal blend of gentle movement and passiveness. Let the water take your weight, and your flippers do all the hard work as you slowly make your way around the tropical waters of the Nicoya Peninsula spotting rays, angelfish, parrotfish, and seahorses.  

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