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Exodus Exploration Without Boundaries Grant

For almost 50 years, Exodus has supported the communities we visit and have been protecting the environment as we go. We have a passion for inspiring adventure, and a dedication to exploration for the better of people, places, and our planet, which is why we’re so thrilled to partner with The Explorers Club to offer The Exodus Exploration Without Boundaries Grants. The club’s mission is to encourage exploration without limitations, we know the ability to explore, and travel is a privilege, which is not accessible to everyone.

These grants will help fund projects that advance the global understanding of the social and natural world through cultural, scientific, and conservation fieldwork. Led by explorers who may have taken alternative routes to acquire the skills necessary to conduct their research. We believe that explorers are extraordinary individuals who set themselves apart in the pursuit of knowledge. We also believe that explorers come from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Our Grant Recipients:

As these explorers head out on their projects, they’ll be taking us along for the ride virtually through photos, videos, and blog posts:


Krithika Varagur

If These Walls Could Talk: Documenting the Chola Dynasty’s Inscriptional Past in India.

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Bhavita Bhatia

Tracing Yak Nomads & Horsemen in the Last Ethnic Tibetan Stronghold of the Himalayas in Nepal. 

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Felipe Proaño

High Altitude Archeology: Discovering and understanding the ruins of the Canals of Rurec in Peru. 

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Yvette Gonzalez

Sky Indicators and Climate: Developing A Noctilucent Cloud Observation Mobile App Toward Climate Monitoring in Germany.

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