Hi everyone,

I would love to go trekking in or cycling through Nepal/Tibet.  I'm considering either the Everest base camp or e.g. cycling Lhasa to Kathmandu.

I know this is a bit of a vague post, but just wondered whether there was anyone on here who had been on similar journey or is considering one?  My biggest worry - vertigo! - so am keen to hear your experiences.

I understand that October to November is the best time to go, so if you are planning on going then - maybe chat before / see you there!

Happy New Year,



Hi Magda,

Happy New Year!

Hannah from Exodus here hoping to help out a little with your decision. Whilst I haven't trekked to Everest Base Camp I am reliably informed that the paths are fairly wide and you wont come across any small paths with sheer drops, so no need for a head for heights.

With the Lhasa to Kathmandu bike ride, I have travelled this route, albeit in a landcruiser! The roads are all in good condition, very wide and although there are steep sections the roads are wide enough for you to keep well clear of the edges. The views are incredible throughout, not just at the top of passes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would recommend it to anyone. The best piece of advice is to take toilet paper and hand cleaner as whenever you find a toilet you can guarantee it wont be clean!

I hope that helps!

Hannah - Exodus


Hello Hannah, and thank you for your response - sounds good (especally the toilet tip!  ;-) always useful to have the insider's view).

Best regards,



Hi Magda,

More than happy to talk you through the trek to Base Camp if you wish?



Hi Craig, thanks for your message. 

Yes, would be great to pick your brains on the EBC (<-- I'm learning the lingo, if no other preparation so far...).  My biggest problem (and strangely, appeal) is the heights - in particular on narrow paths.  Not so much the absolute elevation - e.g. when there is vegetation around (however flimsy) that tends to be fine.  Shall I call you to chat at your convenience?  Or please post/email your tips if you can.  In any case my email is [email protected] for an off (exodus) line follow up.  :-)




Did Tibet Explorer in 2005 - absolutely fantastic

Biggest problem (apart from toilets - but you get used to using rocks/trees/umbrellas) is altitude sickness - its evil but you do recover - the guides are fantastic at taking care of you. Worst places for it for me were camping at Damxung on the way to Nam Tso Lake and the trek up to base camp from Rongbuk Monastry - but I did get to see the top of Everest.

I'd do it again


Graham & Betty Mealand

Hi Magda, We were on the Base Camp trip March/April this year and we'd be glad to pass on details of our experiences to you.

We have friends who trekked in October 2 years ago and it was really cold .We were more fortunate, cold nights and early mornings but the days were warm & sunny, great for photos!

Hope to hear from you, Regards.

Hi Magda,

I would definitely recommend the everest trek and not worry about your vertigo. the paths are fine and where there is a slight drop to the side, vegetation prevents you from seeing it.

which route are you looking at taking. the 3 week Cho la pass route is worth doing if you have the time as it is a circular route and so you see alot more. Also We travelled in september (a risk, as you don't know if the end of the rainy season will catch you), we only got one day of rain, but the only time we seen another group was the last 2 days coming down which made a better trek.

 just give me a ring or e-mail if you want a chat about it


Hello Folks. My wife and I did the Gokyo & Everest trek in March 2007 and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Great organisation, brilliant route and fantastic sights-see my review on the TNQ page and some pictures I uploaded on the Images tab. We topped it off with the Chitwan extension which was also great. In fact, we enjoyed it so much in Nepal, we're going back next year for the Annapurna Circuit. You'll regret it if you don't go!

OOPS!!!!  Make that TNJ for the Gokyo & Everest trip.

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