Machu Picchu, Titicaca and the Amazon

Hey, im leaving on the 28th of June for the Machu Picchu, Titicaca and the Amazon trip. Just wanted to say hi to everyone whos going and that im looking foward to meeting you all. i can't wait!


Hi, I am leaving on the 6th of June for Amazon, Machu Picchu and Amazon. Would love to get in touch with anyone else booked in on this one...


Hey KathrynElizabeth- I am a Catherine also.  I am going on the same trip with my husband and two of our friends.  We are totally excited.  We are in our 50's but very active and healthy.  What to pack seems to be a big question right now.  We live in Ontario, Canada.


Hello to both Kathryn & Catherine - I can't really believe I'm going on this trip. It's so exciting. It's what to wear in the rain forest that bothers me. Lookig forward to meeting you all.

Christine Roe


Hi All,

 Julia and myself are on the 28th June departure for the Inca Trail and Jungle trip. We are also debating what to wear for the jungle section. For the Trail bit, just keep it light!  I'm sure Julia will be on shortly to introduce herself... 

 Looking forward to meeting you all for real in a months time!



Hi all,

I'm Julia and starting to get really excited about the Peru trip! We're getting our gear together at the moment. A point of debate is what sort of footwear to take for the jungle... Got my doctor's appointment next week for jabs and malaria meds! Is anyone taking anything with them for altitude sickness?
Looking forward to meeting you all,



Hello all again,

Just thought i'd let you know that on the 'How was it for you?' forum someone who's already done a similar trip has written some advice which looks quite useful!





Hi, just wanted to know if anyone was travelling from Heathrow? Be great to meet and say hello at the airport.




I went on the Classic Peru last September and had a holiday of a lifetime. Most of the clothes I packed were lightweight, easy drying breathable clothes, some of which were also UV resistant.

T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, short and long sleeved shirts all of which could be layered when necessary.

A light and a heavier fleece. You must have light waterproof (and I mean waterproof) breathable over trousers and jacket, Gore-tex or similar. Walking trousers with zip off bottoms and very light long trousers for the jungle. Head torch for tent, money belt. I took travellers cheques but $cash or credit/debit cards are easier. My mobile did not work but easy to phone home from hotels or phone booths. Clothes can be laundered in all towns, too humid to wash and dry your own clothes except for undies.

Jungle: very hot and humid – we had one rain shower.

Trekking: All seasons in one day – cold early morning, hot late morning to mid-afternoon, showers or torrential rain late afternoon, cold nights.

Water bottle not necessary. Walking poles essential.

Footwear – I took Gore-tex walking boots, walking trainers and sandals and found this adequate.

I took altitude sickness pills – if you don’t need them leave them for others who don’t bring them. Upset tummy medicine, asprin (can also be used as blood thinner if necessary) and of course mosquito and sun cream. I live abroad and was advised at the tropical disease unit in Geneva only to take malaria tablets if I had symptoms as malaria is not endemic to that part of the Peruvian jungle. You can get photos downloaded onto disc in towns.

Hope this is helpful – let me know if you have any other queries I can help you with.

Have a fabulous holiday – I did.


Kimberley_ Don

Hey there Catherine from Ontario -- you chicken-- you should be coming to Africa with us! 

Hope you and Blair have a great time - we will compare photos when we get back - travel safe- we leave in two weeks!

 Kimberley and Don


Ya, well, get off of my site-find your gorilla site!!! Have a great time.  Love Cath


We aren't doing the malaria thing but have stuff for altitude and the dreaded diareah.  Heard the malaria meds can be worse than the disease and not necessary.  Where is everyone from?

I see there are 11 people on our tour.  We are very excited!!  Liz's email was pretty helpful. See you soon.  Catherine  (Blair, Ron and Karen)


Hi Kathrynelizabeth

I am also outbound from Heathrow to Madrid and beyond on 28th. Hope to meet you there. We must all arrange a place and time to get together before the flight.



My flights going via amsterdam to Peru, but maybe that means your flying with Iberia as i'm with KLM? But would still be great to meet up if theyre leaving at the same sort of time. I'll be at Heathrow from about 4 in the morning i believe...


Hi there,

we're flying from Heathrow at some ungodly our in the morning... Just received our Exodus bags and will probably do a kit&gear lay-out this weekend.

I've checked the internet and spoke to the GP/nurse at my surgery - Malaria is present in the area in the jungle we're going to, so we'll be taking the meds - better to be safe than sorry. I can highly recommend a Malaria drug called Malarone, I and Paul have taken it already a couple of times for other trips and never have had any side effects whatsoever.

Starting to really look forward to the trip!



Hi everyone, I'm leaving from Heathrow too - KL flight to Amsterdam at 06.30. I guess it might be easier to meet each other at Amsterdam, as Heathrow is usually pretty chaotic. Look out for the red Exodus luggage labels.

Christine Roe


Hi everyone I guess I and my three friends make up the rest of the crew for this trip ?  Three of us are flying from Heathrow Saturday morning and meeting up with the fourth member of our party in Amsterdam.

Looking forward to meeting you all. I know it will be a fantastic adventure.



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