Wilderness Week - Finland 6-13


Anybody going on the Wilderness week to Finland at the beginning of April??  If so, get in touch.



Hi Sarah

On counting the replies to your original post I can only conclude that you are going to Finland by yourself!

I'm in the same boat as no one has replied to my ( much more ) recent post about the Costa Rica trip also in April.  Thought I would come over and keep you company for a while, gets a bit lonely otherwise.  I think it is an excellent idea to allow people to exchange ideas and views before they depart, I think the scheme needs more publicity as I am certain many of the exodus clients are familiar with web forums.

Have a wonderful time in Finland but do mind the polar bears, if you watch 'Lost' you will know that they can be found it some unusual places!

Best wishes



Hi Sarah, my daughter Abby (15) and I are going on the trip. We can be contacted at [email protected] and [email protected]


Gavin your wish has been granted!


Hi Sarah,

 I'm on the trip too! Email me at [email protected]


Lynne and Nick

Hi all

We are coming too!  Looking forward to the cold in the day and the hot tubs and saunas by night.  I've never done any winter sports before so will be useless but Nick has so hopefully he will help me.  See you all next week.

Lynne and Nick 


Hi Everyone

Well, so far we have 7 of the 11 people on the trip.  As follows:

Sarah Palfreyman, Belinda Jarman, Martin Lowe, Abby Lowe, Em Coulter, Lynne and Nick ..

Anybody else out there anywhere???

I am guessing there will not be huge numbers of people of the flight, but perhaps we can meet at the check-in to say hi?




Nice to hear you are coming too.  We are leaving from Gatwick at around 2pm on Sunday.  What about you??




I'm coming on my own too. Where are you flying out from? Heathrow?


Hi Sarah

I am leaving from Gatwick North terminal at 2pm.  Sounds like the same flight!

I'll be wearing a red hoodie with the number 10 and BROWNRIGG on the back; look out for me :)

See you all tomorrow


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