South Thailand - 16 March

Hi, Is anyone out there going on this trip?  I thought it would be nice to see who else is going.  Claire


Hi Claire, I'm signed up and booked on and can't wait!!! Really looking forward to it never been to thailand before have you?

Hi, I'm Catherine, only 22.5 days left at work!

Yes am counting down already and really looking forward to it. Only been as far as a departure lounge of Bangkok airport on my way home from somewhere else!

Is anyone else on the Group flight?


I'm also on the flight out of heathrow been counting the days since xmas!!! lol !!!


My name is Karen and I am travelling with my friend Gayle. Last I heard there was only 5 signed up so this may be all of us. Gayle and I have signed up for the extension to Cambodia and 3 extra nights in Bangkod at the end. I think our flight gets in before the group flight so we will meet you all for the first time at the Hotel.


Hi All, Great to hear from all of you!  It looks like we're going to be a small group of girls!!..I'm looking forward to the adventure, pretty nervous too as I've never done something like this before, although feeling a lot happier now knowing there's more girls going rather then a bunch of men. 

Hi Catherine, I'm on the group flight, I assume we all meet at the airport somewhere?

Claire x


This holiday's getting better and better, looking forward to meeting you all. If any one fancies meeting at heathrow before check in that'd be good! My neighbour goes on these holidays all the time and normally you don't meet the group until you arrive, so this is great that we can all get chatting before hand.

Only 1 month and 1 day left. 



Hi Claire

Meeting at heathrow definately sounds good, I'm sure there's a coffee shop before we check in we can meet there before hand i know there are hundreds once we're into departures but if my memory serves me correctly there's a couple in the terminal. Once we know which terminal we're going to fly from we can arrange our meeting point.

I'm so excited been and bought all my holiday bits just got to fit it all in my back pack now!!! eeek.

Hope to speak again soon, have a great weekend. Amy

Hi Group Flight colleagues

I usually spend my time at the airport trying to spot Exodus labels. Hiking boots are another good give away!

 It would be good to meet up and check in together, don't mind travelling on my own but always nicer to have company.

Chat nearer the time


Hi, I am in Andover Hampshire and hoping my brother will be my Taxi to Heathrow.



Shall we arrange the meeting up point closer to the date at Heathrow?  Have lovely weekends all.

Not long now! xx


Hi Amy, excited, but nervous too!  Costa Coffee, 5pm sounds good to me.  My Brother's taking me, although I think my Mum and Dad will want to see me off too, I might try to check in as early as poss but will definately be outside Costa Coffee Shop at 5pm.  I've just bought a 70 litre rucksack, you reckon that's big enough?  Claire xx


I'm so excited nerves haven't come into it just yet prob will next week at some point been a dream to go to thailand for so long and now to be finally going in a week is fantastic. My mum and dad are also taking me to the airport so will prob be at costa coffee too. lol. My mum is having all the nerves for me! We can't check in until 5.40 so if you wanted we could meet check in then coffee if you like, if we book in together we'd prob be near on the plane.

I've a 65l back pac sat looking at the pile of clothes, boots, toiletries etc then the backpac thinking this is going to be interesting :-).

Look forward to meeting you. See you next week xx


Hiya, Definately, I'll meet you at 5 and we'll check in together.  Take care.  Claire xx

Hi, only 3.5 hours left at work and then I can really start thinking about holidays! Life has been manic and I have even been dreaming about work when I should be dreaming of Thailand.

I did manage a phone call to Exodus yeaterday and trainers / walking sandals are fine for the type of walking we will be doing. I will be leaving my hiking boots at home.

 Also when I went to Peru we weren't able to take our main bags in to the jungle, we had to leave the bulk of our luggage somwhere and just take enough in a small bag for a coupe of nights. The lady I spoke to couldn't say whether this was going to happen in Thailand but it might be an idea to have something to put a few things in, your day bag may be big enough. The other option would be benhind for several of us to share one big bag and leave the rest which is what my sister and I did in Peru.

 I will try and get to Costa Coffee for 5pm but I know my brother, who is my taxi, is working some of Sunday so I may not make it. Don't wait around for me if you want to check in, I will catch up with you sometime, somewhere.

 Happy packing, looking forward to meeting you on Sunday, only 2 more sleeps!!


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