Taste of Cuba

I'm really looking forward to the trip starting on Sunday. If anyone would like to make contact in advance, especially if you are flying out from Gatwick, please do.

juicy j

Hope you enjoyed your trip to Cuba.  I am leaving for Cuba on 30th March.  On your return could you let me know about the currency .. I am still not sure what amounts of money to take for the two week trip.

Thanks, Jacqui


Hi Jacqui, we took sterling (all cash) and changed some of it at the airport in Havana (best exchange rate we found) and the rest at hotels (where you get charged a bit more). There seems to be no point in taking traveller's cheques and credit cards were only used at the larger hotels (with a hefty 11% surcharge). The two of us used almost £500 for just under two weeks. You'll need to collect a supply of 25 peso coins for trips to the loo!

Have a great time.


I'm leaving for Cuba on the 30th March from Gatwick and looking forward to the trip. 

I don't know how much money to take (£250-£300??) but it seems from other travellers' comments that it's best to take UK sterling and get it changed into Cuban currency at the airport in Havana.



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