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Inca Trail and Amazon Rain Forset Trip TPJ836 Sat 6 Sep - Sun 21 Sep 08

Is anyone else looking forward to this trip?



We certainly are!  Just been shopping today for new daybags and headlamps.


Certainly am and in training. Anyone else leaving from Glasgow?



We are flying from Manchester to Amsterdam first, then on to Lima.


Any recommendations on kit to buy?

I need to get some decent walking boots mostly.


Hi Sylvia,

Just joined the departure lounge -I am in a party of 3, myself (Adele), my partner Steve, and his Dad Iain. Iain will be coming down from Glasgow; we plan to meet him in London - not sure of exact plans yet, but if you are both leaving to come down on the same day, it might be nice to come down to London together.

Only just started thinking about this holiday - we moved house earlier in the year, so we had other things on our mind. We have talked a lot about starting our training, but not quite managed anything yet!. I have comfortable boots at least, although that took a few goes and a few blisters. It is a bit flat where we are, so I am not sure how we will manage the hill training; Iain and you at least have some mountains to practice on!!

 This is our first trekking holiday; although we did do quite a bit of walking last year in Italy (Lake Como - lovely place). I think this is going to be an amazing experience, and it will be great to get to know other members of the group before we all set off in September.

Best regards




Hi Adele.

I'm leaving from Glasgow and flying to Amsterdam to pick up a flight to Lima from there. I've had HepA, Tetanus, diptheria, polio in two combined jabs. Awaiting  yellow fever and knowing how much the Scottish midges love me I've 50 anti malarial tablets. One per day to be taken three days before entering the rain forest and continue until finished.


 Hello Yulia

I believe my dad and myself will be on the monstone trek too, we were wondering whether anyone else would be on this trek. Think even the altitude of machu picchu is scary enough without the knowledge we are going much higher, so yep quite woried here too.

Thanks for the link have already started ticking it off, has been very useful to us although never i seem to end up buying anything, for me it will probably end up as last min. I think dad has a 2-3 season sleeping bag but my own will be a 3 season one. Im taking waterproof trousers as precaution as it is the start of the wet season but im not sure if we will get chance to use them. I think that website has covered anything, has added to our initial list, seemingly doubling it scarily. 

 Where is it that you are flying from. We are having to spend the day on the train down to heathrow and then flying down. Its going to be a long journey



Hi Graham

Thanks for replying. 3 weeks to go... can't believe the time has come around so quickly! Pretty much have everything sorted, lots of ticks on that list. I'm flying from Heathrow too, but I don't have far to travel to get there, which is a bonus. Are you staying overnight in Heathrow, or travelling by train at night?

I received my Exodus kit bag the other day, and it ain't large. So I'm wondering whether not to bother putting my gear into the backpack, but straight into the kit bag, which only leaves a 25L day pack for everyday necessities. Are you going to put your luggage straight into the kit bag, or taking a large bag/backpack to go into the kit bag?



yes we are- just logged on for the first time- there is 3 of us going myself Fiona, husband Richard and our friend Alan.( all from Yorkshire) We are on the moonstone trek as well. like everyone else we are a bit confused as to the luggage situation- just recieved our bags and not sure if that is all we can take. Going to lay it all out tomorrow and see what else i need to buy etc. hoping to go to the lakes again this week for some more last minute training.stopping over night in heathrow before we leave. i believe from friends who have been  that it can be very cold at night so going to upgrade my sleeping bag- i can cope with discomfort during the day but no sleep  makes me very grumpy!


Hi FionaD,
Don't worry about only taking what you can fit into the Exodus kit bag for the whole trip. When you go on the trek and also when you head up the river to the jungle lodge, you will be given the opportunity to leave things that you don't need for that portion of the trip in the hotel and/or local office. A lot of people on this trip take a considerbaly bigger bag or rucksack as their main luggage and then just pack what they need for the trek inside the kit bag the day before the trek starts. Your leader will help explain all this out in Cuzco, so relax and enjoy the trip!
Dan (from Exodus)


Taken 2mrw afternoon off to quickly read through all the stuff as there loads to take in!! 

Looking fwd to the challenge of the Moonstone trek. It'll be interesting to see how our bodies cope in high altitude lol

Struggling to find time to learn the lingo tho'...any tips? Or you in da same position 



Hi all,

Reading the notes I take it that the Rainforest exploration takes three days so we need to pack clothes, bedding, snacks, cling film (great alternative for underwear), mossi stuff etc into one bag?  Do we still take our rucksacks?   I was going to pack the self inflating canoe, sat phone, tyre changing tools and pogo stick but they wont fit in the 7-8kg bag with my sleeping bag.....



Are there and cachers on this trip?


We are taking a rucksack each will all our things in upto 20kg and then transfering what we need for the forest and Trail into the Exodus bags provided.


You will be provided with duffle bags for both the Amazon and the Inca Trail so you don't need to worry too much about bags. We stored extra stuff in our Exodus bags at the Office in Puerto Maldonado for the Amazon and in the Hotel in Cusco for the Inka Trail. It's worth taking day sacks for both Amazon/Inka Trail to carry waterproofs, snacks (that are provided) and lunch in the Amazon. We messed up in the fact that we took too much and didn't have a lot of space for souvenirs coming home (souvenirs are really inexpensive). We also gave some of our older walking clothes to the porters at the end of the Inka trail.


Any reviews on toilet roll or shall I stick to cling film?


... and most importantly stick to the tyre changing tools - key survival kit in extreme conditions ;)))

Thank you for for the helpful tips everybody, looking forward to the trip!


Sounds like your Amazon days are similar to ours. There are loos at the lodges and close to the lake on the longer walk. 3 of our party had a bit of amazon revenge but immodium (if that's how you spell it) did the trick fine. There are regular loos on the Inca Trail although loo paper isn't always available. You also need a stock of sols to pay for some of the toilets. Your porters erect a portaloo at night which is generously stocked with bog roll! Wet wipes or similar are very useful as is hand gel.


Cheers Bagpuss.

Just got back from late shopping at Tesco's and now have some wipes to clean the cling-film with.

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