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Inca Trail 7-17 May

Just wondering who else is booked on this trip.  Ive been told that this is the best walk in the world and cannot wait.


Hi, I'm Sheena, also booked on this trip.  It's my first trek and I too am really looking forward to it (and trying to get properly fit!)

Hiya Sheena. Its my second trek with Exodus and if that last one (Kili) was anything to go by it will be excellent. The more people i talk to about this trek the better it sounds.  Where abouts are you flying from?


I'm flying from Heathrow - and dreading the early start! I think the long journey over there sounds like the most daunting part and we'll be exhausted by the time we arrive.  However, I know a few people who have done this trek (including my mum who did it with Exodus) and everyone has great things to say about it.


hi there, I'm Sarah.  Can't wait for our trip - but likewise not looking forward to the Heathrow early start!  My first treck (although did an Exodus cycling trip last year), actually using my gym properly this month!   Have just picked up some high altitude sickness tablets, bit of a must I reckon!  Sleeping bag next on the list ...


Good for you with the gym - I really hope I am fit enough although I have heard that the altitude can get you regardless of fitness!  I'm feeling a bit better about the early start now though - I've booked into Yotel at Heathrow; it's right inside T4 where we fly from and you can book rooms by the hour.  I've booked from 9pm to 4am, it's costing me £60 and I plan to try and sleep for the duration.  In the meantime I am working my way through the most detailed packing list I have ever made!


hi Sheena,

What a great idea about Yotel!  I'll look into that, although I live in Ealing so not too far to Heathrow; just lots of alarm clocks required!  I bought my sleeping bag and walking boots today.  In fact wearing the boots now (a great look with my PJ bottoms, not) to try to break them in.  Know what you mean about the packing list - I keep reading the Exodus notes to check I've not missed anything.  Liking this forum, hope some more people on our trip find it as it's really nice to say hello before we find each other in Lima!


Hi Annalisa, I am putting my rucksac in the the blue duffel bag to put in the luggage hold from Heathrow. I intentend to leave the blue bag at the hotel in Cuzco and carry what I need on the Trail in my own rucksac I wont be taking much! rgds Ian.


Hi, my name is Ian I am flying from Heathrow I will be driving down early morning and have booked carparking at T4. I think I have sorted all my gear out. I have booked a sleeping bag etc to pick up out there only two more days to work!

rgds Ian.


Hi guys & girls,

My name is Annalisa & I'm really looking forward to meeting you all... myself and friend Sue (from work) are flying to Lima independently (we hope it works out!!) so we'll be seeing you at the Hotel in Lima on the 7th.  It's my first trek and I'm getting really excited!! Now back to the packing - yuk!! Have a safe flight....



Probably a stupid question...but does anyone know if the Exodus blue kit bag we've been sent (at least to UK travellers) is the one that we have to give to the porters on the Inca trail (and not to exceed 10kgs)...so if we want to leave some stuff behind at the hotel whilst we trek.... we have to take an extra bag?? Am I right in thinking so? If this is the case, I'm going to put the duffel bag in a wheelie bag, just to save my back from dragging stuff around!!! I know I've left it a bit late, as I'm leaving for Lima on BH monday, but I would appreciate it if anyone has any answers?

Thank you very much....

Thank you very much Ian for the info, I think I've finally made up my mind.... I'm travelling standby (I'm airline staff) via Heathrow, so my bag would be better off as a hardcase (they do get lost/mistreated, especially out of T5!!) - I've stuffed everything into it, including duffel bag, which I plan to use on Inca trail for the sleeping bag and thermarest for the porter to carry, I don't think I'm that strong, I will just about cope with a day-rucksack!!! All finished packing now - phew!!! Have a great weekend & see you next week...

Ciao for now


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