Stok Kangri CLimb


Seeing as someone has to make the first move and open up a forum, I thought I might as well do it. I hope you're all training hard!



Hello Susan, 

I am booked on the 4th July Departure, looking forward to the Challenge! seeing the Indian Himalayans and meeting everyone on the group. Trying to keep reasonably fit for it,


Hi everyone,

I'm really looking forward to this with an odd mixture of excitement and apprehension.

Must get that sodding visa sorted out before I forget to do it and blow the whole thing .... has anyone else got their visa sorted ?

Over the last couple of weekends I've been testing out my old Nepal Extrem boots and I can't believe how heavy they are compared to normal boots. I suppose it's got to be worth it though to stop the old toes turning black.

Anyway - don't worry I've been on several Exodus group trips before and I'm not one of those loons who spoils the whole thing by being a total git.

Cheers, Danny


Hello all,

Nice to see everyone making a start in getting to know one another. To get a feel for the group, I hear the trip is full with 16 people (11 male & 5 female) with an age group ranging from 20's up to 60's, whereby the majority are 30's and 40's. Reportedly there are no couples and only one group of friends (that'll be us I suppose Sooby) and the remainder are all single travellers.  I'm looking forward to a beer once we get down and taking away a few memories that I can bore friends and family with for years to come!  For those experience trekkers, please let me know the one thing I really should remember to pack? 

Hi all,

wondering if we had anybody joining us in July . Be nice to find out a wee bit about the group.

Look forward to meeting you all,



A good tip would be to bring some small cough sweets. These are useful to pop under your tongue at night to keep your mouth a little damp and prevent that hideous dry cough that's easy to get at altitude.

A good quality lip balm is very handy too unless you enjoy cracked sore lips (nasty). Take a lipsalve with a high UV factor + some Blisteze type cream.

I can't remember what's in the kit list, but some people may find a ski mask a good option to use for the ascent.

I'll stick some more on as and when I remember !

Cheers, Danny


I'll be driving down to Heathrow on the evening of the Thursday 3rd July and stopping in one of those nasty Travel Lodge places before dumping the car in Purple Parking on the Friday morning. If anyone else could use a lift from Lancashire (or somewhere South of the M6 J30) then we could maybe sort something out.

Cheers, Danny ([email protected])


I had to get an india visa earlier this year, it was pretty painless and only took a day. Cost was 50€.


Tom, remember to pack thermals. I am not warming you up at 5000 meters!

Looking forward to meeting everyone, I reckon I am gonna be the slow coach who's wheezing and spluttering. Must remember to bring my wimpole, for an evening rendition of "Climb Every Mountain". Whoever wrote about cough sweets - excellent idea. Acutally at high altitude sweets (or sugar in general) are supsed to help the blood absorb oxygen, so not a bad thing to have along anyway. Am excited but mildly terrified at the same time........


Thanks danny, great tip. I can see you know the ropes. Where does one purchase the Blisteze type cream you mention ??

Boots is a good bet, or Superdrug. It used to be called 'Blistex' but obviously 'Blisteze' is a far superior name in marketing terms :-)

While I think about it, nail clippers and rehydration powders are also well worthwhile packing. I'll try to pull out some more tips from my very tired brain when I can !


Hi I am Valerie, your leader. If anyone has queries re gear etc just ask or mail me on [email protected]

I will be flying out a couple of days before you so see you in Delhi airport. Best to change most money in the arrivals lounge near baggage reclaim. Change approx £100-£150. use the State Bank of India as Thomas Cook charge commision. Things to bring - treat for Stok Kangri climb - my favourites are flapjack, rich fruit cake, halva. Chocolate does not taste so good at 6000m! Usually only need lightweight boots for the trek and heavy ones for the climb.


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