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Peru Explorer 9th May

Would be great to get to know anyone signed up for this. I'm a bit nervous about my fitness for the Inca Trail - I've never walked at altitude and don't know what to expect. Overall though I can't wait.


Me too! I'm sure the inca trail will be ok - apparently it's hard work but the adrenaline keeps you going!! That and some walking poles to take the strain off your knees! Not long to go now though!



Hi all, I'm Beat and on this trip as well... Really looking forward to it – can’t wait...


Hi Lesley, nice to hear back from you. Beat isn't an online identity, it's my real name and quite common in my home country Switzerland. I will be flying from London Heathrow so will probably meet all of you in Amsterdam. I'm very excited now, just completed my packing list and ready to go…


Great to hear from a couple of you. I'm still not as fit as I'd like, but a mate told me it's nothing too horrendous - which was fatal to my motivation. Can't wait now, I booked last year so it's not seemed real. I posted when thinking about vaccinations, and have forgotten about it now - and am starting to wonder if I've got everything! Have you done anything similar before? I've done a multi activity with Exodus in Turkey, and it was great.


That's an unusal name - real or do you have the imagination for an on line identity? As you can see I don't! Have got the bags out and am starting to organise myself, am so looking forward to this, it's been booked forever and now it's actually happening! I'm flying from Leeds Bradford as I live in Leeds, so I'll meet up with the rest of you either in Amsterdam or when we get there.


Hi there everyone. I know what you mean about packing. I've been vaguely chucking random stuff in a bag for weeks, but only really read my trip notes and started really thinking about it properly this week. Nearly forgot to hire my sleeping bag and sleeping mat before I left - oops! I've stopped worrying about fitness - like you say people who have done it say it's not too bad, and there's not much we can do now. Besides, can it really be harder than walking in Scotland in freezing driving rain, whilst being attacked my midges?! I feel like a kid at Christmas - see you all next week! Hopefully we'll bump into each other at Amsterdam from our various starting points :-)


Hello to both of you.  I'm not sure I'm as fit as I'd like to be either but a friend who has just come back from peru says its not as bad as you think.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  I've not done an Exodus type trip before so it should be good.  My boyfriend is coming too so we're packing this weekend.  In my excitement, I've been thinking about packing for about the last three weeks but have had to restrain myself.  Packing three weeks in advance seems a bit excessive!   We got our money sorted last weekend so hopefully we're nearly ready.  I can't believe we're going next week!  I'm counting the days already!!

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