Mongolia's Twin Peaks

A nice walk with camels doing the hard work sounded good to me. Anyone interested  I'm going on 25th July departure.


Me too ,I can't wait.

Pleased to hear (read) from you. I was starting to feel lonely. I'm in the process of getting a visa (and starting some encephalitis shots this week just in case).


The trek is booked out so thats 14 of us in all I think? I hadn't thought about shots,better check.

GP recommended the standard shots you get in britain, I was up to date on those, but tick borne encephalitis was a possibility if walking and camping in areas near the russian border.

I picked up my blue bag from the post office this morning. That was fun, standing in a torrential downpour outside the delivery office door at five past seven; still, my cape did give a laugh to the postman, the woman who arrived behind me and the guys standing at the bus stop. Now I'm starting to think about whether I've got everything, done everything and so on.

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