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Morocco Biking


Myself and some friends are on this trip leaving 5th April. If you are on this trip it would be good to hear from you.


Sally Bishop


 Which Morocco biking trip are you and your friends on?  I am on the Atlas Descent on 5 April starting at Agadir.  Is this the same one?


Jo Cooke


Hi Sally,

Yes we are on the Atlas Descent on 5th April. I am one of Badgers friends, there are 9 of us in total, although there must be another four or five on the trip that we don't know.

 Are you travelling alone, or with friends? I guess that we will be fairly easy to pick out at the airport, all with huge bike bags. I look forward to meeting you.



Hi Sally,

I am also one of Badgers friends.... look forward to meeting you.

Only five more sleep to go :-)#



Hello Sally, yes its the same trip as us.........look forward to meeting you. We will be turning up at terminal 2 en mass as early as we can this saturday so watch out for us and join us for beer. There are 7 guys and 2 girls; we should have helmets strapped to our hand luggage so will be pretty easy to spot. 

We're all very excited............




Hi, My name is Emily, I am coming on this trip on my own, so was looking to hook up with people at Terminal 2. Perhaps we could swap numbers; I've not been on a mountain bike holiday before and would be good to know I'm bringing the right stuff!

Mine is 07946737349.

Look forward to hearing from Ye,



Hi, I am one of the group going to the Atlas mountains who you don't know. May i be cheeky and ask why you are taking your helmet with your hand luggage? i am guessing it's for the space...but as a novice i would like to know if there is something I should know.

Gettin excited too...





Jo Cooke

Hi Emily,

I have sent you a text so you have my number - it might be a good idea to take yours off the forum, or to put some of the numbers as words like 'oh seven 7 9' .. somehow phone numbers seem to get picked up off forums..

Anyhow it'll be good to meet you at Heathrow tomorrow.

The helmet thing is because it can get damaged if it is thrown about in the hold. It might not be damage that you can see, but it could affect the helmet and make it weaker. To be honest I don't know if thats true, or if, if you padded it well, it would be ok, but I'm not taking any chances!! I know one of our group has thrown his in the hold baggage.

See you tomorrow some time after 3 :-)

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