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Trails of Borneo - May 10th

I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who is booked on this trip? Only 8 weeks to go and getting a little nervous about it all.

 Alternatively if you have done this before how was it - any information you can give would be much appreciated.


Hello Leah, my name is Andy. Kirsty and I are joining you on this trip. Only a month to go and just got our tickets today. We shall be flying out of Heathrow T3. Last year I travelled in the USA and spent a month touring New Zealand. However this is a bit more adventurous for me. Kirsty has however done plenty of holidays with Exodus so anything you need to know just ask :)

Il see if I can email you otherwise feel free to give me a shout on this addy  [email protected]

nervous excitement is starting now... woohooo 



Andy and Kirsty, hello!!

It was good to hear from someone else who is going on the trip, I was starting to think I would be the only one! Ditto, I got my tickets too and have the nervous excitment as the is the most adventurous thing I have done.

I am flying out of Heathrow T3 too, so I will drop you a line on your email and chat some more. Soooo looking forward to it!!


Hi Leah, looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the crowd. I have been trying to get fitter in preperation for this. My aches from last weekends 9 miles have just about gone. So I know its going to hurt a bit but from the comments on the holiday, I am sure it will be worth it.

I will keep an eye out for your email. regards Andy & Kirsty

Hi Jon here, I'm on the trip as well. I have done a little bit of rainforest trekking in Thailand and have been to the jungle in Peru.  I have also done the Inca Trail which went up to an altitude of 4200m, about the same as Mt Kinabalu. My advice would be to avoid Gore-Tex footwear for the rainforest as otherwise your feet will get very hot. However I can testify from experience that walking sandals are not a good idea either due to the leeches! Bring 'natural' insect repellant as well as DEET, the leeches don't like the natural stuff. Tobacco is also good. You can wear special leech socks but they are hot though. I don't know why the trip notes say shorts and t-shirts are OK for the rainforest, you need long sleeves and long trousers (convertibles are good). If you wear shorts in the evening you will be eaten alive by mosquitos. Also avoid any 100% cotton clothes for trekking, before long they will be soaked in sweat and very uncomfortable. Any outdoor shop will be able to advise you. To cope with altitude you need to take it easy going up, drink plenty of water and have some headache tablets. Walking poles help a lot especially going down. Finally a good sun hat is a must, the equatorial sun is very strong.

Looking forward to an amazing adventure!

Hi Andy and Kirsty, yeah it could be a bit of a compromise as waterproof shoes will be useful on the mountain. I'm sticking with the breathable ones though as we will be in hot conditions most of the time. Anyway enough droning on about gear! How about meeting up at Starbucks after security in Terminal 3 about 09:30? The plane takes off at 10:50. I'll have a blue North Face backpack and probably will be wearing a checked short sleeved shirt.  Although from previous trips I think a lot of us will all be sat on the same row on the plane anyway!



Hi John, some sound advise. Looking forward to meeting you. Sadly its gortex shoes for me but hey, I dont mind sweaty feet, they kill most household germs known to man. Will we be meeting at Heathrow or trying to spot possible co-travelers in a Boeing 747 lottery and waiting for the official first meet to see whos won?

Andy & Kirsty


again, thanks for sharing this it is most useful and has highlighted a couple of items i still need to get.

I am also only taking a silk liner, the mosquito net is still up for debate as i need to complete a trail pack to see how much more room i have.....if any!


Good to know, thank you for the information. I have some goretex lined boots which i have been steadily breaking in over the last few months. It is the first kind of thing I have done like this, have been getting some walking in and only got 1 blister from my 12 mile walk last weekend. Really looking forward to it and meeting everyone too.


What do you recommend folks? I was opting for the waterbottle option but not sure now?

Just found out these are exactly the same type and voltage as UK, so no need to pack an adaptor.

I've been lurking and reading the comments with interest!  There must be more than 4 of us though.... are there anymore lurkers out there?

Am looking forward to getting away,

Kirsty (of Andy & Kirsty)


What is people's preference on GBP v USD? I have read that travellers cheques are not a good idea (no where to change them) and you can only take a limited amount of Ringgit into the country.


Two more names to add to the trip - Linda and Alan.

Not long to go now and are thinking about last minute shopping - not sure whether to get a mosquito net or not. Busy trying to get fit - will try to get up a 'hill' in the Lakes this w/e.

Starting to get excited - a bit worried about the pinnacles.

I'm sure our tickets say depart 12.00 LHR not 10.50

See you all soon



I'm a T3 also so happy to meet up with folks though not sure I will be through to departures by 9.30. My tickets are a midday departure so I think the flight has pushed back a little so maybe a 10.30 meet up if folks fancy it? Not long now.....


Yeah I got 10:50 from the trip notes which are probably out of date or something, I'll check my actual tickets again.

Don't think it matters much, I read that sterling is the actually the favoured exchange currency but USD are fine too. I have some USD TC's left over from Peru which I shall keep separate to the cash for an emergency


Hello All!

You must all be so excited! Thanks To Leah for commenting on my September forum it's good to read your comments, and gain some tips. Like you I am trying to get my stamina up to scratch! It'd be great to hear how you all find your trip see some pictures. Keep me updated if you have the time - [email protected]

Thanks, Abbie


OK I dont want anyone to worry. This is a funny story. I was in the doctors waiting for my malaria prescription and I sneezed and put my back in spasm. Only the second time I have ever hurt my back ever. So this weekends practice walk in the Peak District is off. Its healing pretty fast but talk about timing. Advice, make sure you have good posture when you sneeze! :0

 So this time next week I shall have everythying packed and be feeling a bit edgy before my journey. Still this is a short hop compared with taking two 12 hours trips top NZ last year with only a 1 hour break.

So now the big decision, what music to put on my phone/ipod.

Nickleback - All the right reasonsRascal Flatts - Best of BalladsDave Pearce - Trance AnthemsA couple of my recent podcasts (I tell you more when we meet!)Madonna - Hard Candy (new)Ben Folds - iTunes Orignals



I caught a virus so have not done any excercise since playing cricket with people from work on Thurs. I'm going to try and do some swimming this week. Seeing as I will be pretty busy this week I have used the time to get packed, 80% done now and amazingly my Exodus kit bag only weighs 7 Kg! Still 1 Kg of economy size "bug-eroff" insect repellent to put in though! I'm used to flying 9-10 hours down to South Africa where I am from originally, although there is hardly any jet lag unlike where we are going, I hate waking up at 2AM! I'd recommend Trance Anthems goes down well with tropical sunsets.


...nervous excitment has really set in with waking at about 3am for the past week which is killing me!! Still to pack but everything is strewn across the spare room floor, I am sure it won't all fit in my back pack and as for weight I think it will weigh 3 times as much as Jon's. Not managed to get to the gym this week as have been a little ill and wanted to recover so hopefully will be fine for walks. Just been checking out the weather and there is a forecast for thunder storms some of next week so don't forget to pack your waterproofs! This week is so busy, I wanted a relaxing work up to it but no, in London today for a meeting so don't know what time I will be back, wanted to get my packing done to see what's missing. Still unsure on the water purification tablets and if I need them or not though. See you all on Saturday.

I'm taking some, might be required on the way up Kinabalu where you have to get water from mountain streams. I bought them for Peru and never used them as our porters boiled the water every day for us.

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