Morocco - Atlas Panorama 4th May

Looking forward trekking in Morocco. I am a  middle aged lady (young at heart) and would love to hear from anybody else sharing this trip with me.


Hi Annick, I'm doing the Atlas Panorama on 4th May, 1st trip of this kind for me........ any more doing this trip who'd like to say Hi?? Should be "just a bit exiting" meeting new peaple who we spend 8 days with, for the 1st time at the Airport!!


Hi all, so looking forward to getting away. should be interesting and great to meet new people.



Are you all flying from London?  Annick


Yeah......... I'm flying from Gatwick..... I'll be there in good time (I hope!!) 4 wks tomorrow!!!


Yeah.......... Gatwick, I'll be there (I hope!!) nice and early 4 wks tomorrow!!!!


Hi there..  Glad to see that there's a few people on the trip.  Thought it would just be me and my friend Carolyn.  Flying down from Glasgow the day before but flying out of Gatwick on the Sunday - will be there very early, not wanting to miss this!  First trip like this, but up for anything...

Hello everyone, 3 weeks tomorrow before we go. I think it'a about time I looked at my list and gathered my stuff. Not even sure what time the flight is?

What are you all: young, older, male , female? used to trekking mountains?...


"What are you all: young, older, male , female? used to trekking mountains?..."

Erm....... no, no, yes, no, sort of!!!!

45yrs, so in the middle, male, enjoy walks in the NYMNational Park, sort of 4 - 16 miles, hardly "trekking mountains" but "up hill & down dale". !st time for this sort of holliday, hope there's someone who "knows what their doing" on the trip!! (apart from the guide I mean!!)

 Look forward to meeting ya'll at Gatwick!!


Hi everybody, its getting closer, very exciting. Getting a bit more organised. I have booked my parking at Gatwick and will start gathering my stuff this week end. Will go for a 13 miles walk in the Surrey Hills on Saturday to get fit for the Atlas mountains!!  Can't wait...



Just heading off to he Lakes for a long w/end........ TWO WEEKS ON SUNDAY, change the Lakes for Morocco!!!!!!!! Can't wait myelf.

Apparently there are 15 of us going and possibly 16. Would anybody else like to introduce themself before departure?



We'll be in the air this time next week...... can't wait!! Can't wait to meet ya'all. See ya next Sunday morning!! 

              Steve.... nervous AND excited!!




Hi all

I'm Elaine, age 34.  Think I was person no 16 to book - just last week!

Won't be on the flight with the rest of you as I'm heading out to Marrakech tomorrow (Friday).

Looking forward to meeting you all at the hotel on Sunday. Also looking forward to (I hope!) some sunshine.



We are John and Sue, in our 50's (just!).  We've never been on one of these organised trips before and are now getting quite excited.  We live in Northamptonshire, not noted for it's hills so have been practicing in the Peak District.  Hope we can keep up!  Looking forward to meeting you all at Gatwick on Sunday


Packed....... sorted, anything I aint got I'm doing without now!!! Drive to Dagenham t/mora AM, (4hrs) night out with a mate, delivered to Gatwick Sunday, 9.30 - 10.00. See ya all soon!!


well guys, not long now me packing like made and ready to make my way to gatwick saturday night. good to here more on the trip sounds like its going to be a good one!

 see you all soon! 

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