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Kilimanjaro Trek

<>This was the hardest but most rewarding trek and climb I have ever done,  Don't be afraid of the altitude, take your time, slowly slowly (Poly Poly), Listen to what you are told.  The view from the top is amazing. Great group of porters and guides, Food was realy good. 


Thanks for the comment. Its good to hear reviews from people who've done it (I'm going in December). Did all of your party make it? I really enjoy mountain walking but have never trekked outside of the UK. What would you recommend in terms of training?

Edward McL

Kili is hard, really hard. I only made it to Gilmans Point. 16 of us went up the hill that night and 9 made the summit. If I was doing it again, which I certainly won't be, I would use 2 walking poles, wrap up really warm, take a really good head torch, not one for use in huts or tents but a powerful one to see with when you are walking on scree. Take some glucose sweets and plenty to drink.  Good luck, it is worth the effort.


I did Kili in 2007 with some other company.

I found the following useful -

Trekking poles esp for the steep descent down scree when you are very tired

It is bitterly cold on the final ascent and at the summit. You are walking so slowly that you don't generate enough body heat to keep warm. I found "icebreaker" thermals - a base layer of merino wool although a bit pricey a worthwhile investment (and they don't smell !)

Try to eat plenty at lower levels - my appetite disappeared completely at high altitude

It is worth taking out old teeshirts/clothing to give to the porters at the end

The whole of my group to to the summit. It was a brilliant experience - go for it!

Two weeks I got back from Kili . Exodus and the trekking company were excellent.

The food was very good considering it all had to be carried up the mountain. The tents were cramped, pay a single supplement if you can it makes a big difference . The scenary is outstanding , it is different every day. Make sure you take plenty of picures , not just at the top but all the way up .The people are very friendly and we didnt meet any other treekers untill the last which wasnt a problem any way .The trip is hard but mainly due to the altitude which can be tough . The last night is mainly about mental strength but the feeling whwn you see the sunrise over Mawenzi is special - once in  life time . Beware though out of the twelve I went with five gave up and didnt make it to the top.I would recommend if you can the three day safari - its worth it . Happy trekking



Thank you to all who've given their advice for the Kilimanjaro trek. I fly out tomorrow and can't wait!

From hearing other's experiences I feel suitably prepared for the cold, the altitude and the mental challenge. Well, as ready as I'll ever be!

Happy New Year all!


Failing to reach the sumit in Feb 08, using the Rongai route. I went back on x-mas day departure for another attempt, this time opting for the Shira route, given us an extra day's acclimatisation. The recipe for my success this time was simple. 1 POLE- POLE 2 drink 4 to 5 ltrs of water per day 3 stay positive. Out of our group of 12, we all made it to Stella point, and 10 to the sumit. I would say that walking poles are essential for the last day, and plenty of layers, i had 2 hats, 7 layers on top and 4 on the bottom.


Thanks to everyone who posted comments and advice about their trip.  This information will be useful for my husband and I who are going up the Rongai route on 16 October 2009.  Wish us luck!

just got back, fantastic trip, really enjoyed it.  best advice I can give - 1) get really fit  2) take a really good warm sleeping bag - we hit minus 20 at lava tower camp, 3) take a bottle to pee in ( at minus 20 you dont wanna get outta the tent! 4) once the sun goes down at about 6.30 pm as its on the equator it gets dark and cold very quickly- you end up in your sleeping bag to get warm - have some entertainment ready! 5) ask for your water bottle to be filled up at the evening meal - they boil the water for you, and its still hot- wrap in a tee shirt and shove in your sleeping bag for an instant hot wter bottle to warm your feet! 6) be prepared for everything to get covered in dust and absolutely filthy 7) camelbacks freeze up on summit night, even with hot water inside 8) dont worry even if you get sick the first day- talk to the guides- be positive-  enjoy!!


Question for all those who have done this trip.... what kind of entertainment should we bring for the evenings around the camp fire / zipped up in the tent?

 Cards is an obvious one, but has anyone got suggestions for other games?



  You're in my heart, you're in my soul

Jeff Wilkes

I did this trip in July and offer my comments in the hope that they are useful. I agree with most of those already posted but would suggest wearing a warm hat at night as most heat is lost through your head whilst asleep. A down bag is best but DO NOT wear too many layers to sleep in, that reduces the effectiveness of the bag. A pee bottle is essential. No camp fires to sit round and frankly once the meal was over and the briefing done most people on my trip went off to sleep and prepare for the next day. Poles are a great help, on the descent especially. I used carbo gels for the last day climbing to the summit. Dissolve some in your water bottle and you have a constant source of energy on the climb. Layering is best, try to use wicking tops as cotton just soaks up the sweat and don't take your Sunday best as the dust gets everywhere. Washing facilities both for clothes and self are very limited so be prepared to smell. One of our number dropped out early on but met us at the park gate at the end and his first comment was" you lot stink". It's a hard seven days, we did the Shira route, but some fitness work and a well worn pair of boots pay off. Most of all though, listen to the guides and POLE POLE, the mountain will always be there so take your time climbing it.


Thanks for all the tips. Fly out on the 6th, return 18th Sept. Will let you know how I get on. Cheers. Kev :-)

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