12/4 Inca Trail and Amazon Rainforest


I've signed up for this with my friend - we are very much looking forward to it! Just wanted to say hello!



hi, me and my partner gaz are realy looking forward to it too, i have been looking at what people have wrote about the inca trail, it sounds amazing, just hope altitude doesnt get the better of us! alot of people have recommend a set of walking sticks if you have got one they sound like a good idea,  nicci.

Gill L

Hi.  This is a holiday of a lifetime and will be a real experience for you.  The Inca Trail is beautiful and breathtaking but tough at times because of the altitude.  Just take loads of immodium and you'll be fine!  You will see some amazing sunsets and sunrises, and meet some great people.  Buy items to come home with you, I regret not buying more.  


Hi, I'm Susan. I'm coming on this trip with my friend Prue from distant university days. We are very excited and looking forward to seeing new plants and animals. Thanks, Gill for the advice. We're a bit worried about getting cold!

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