Gorillas & Masai Mara


Just curious who will be joining me and my girlfriend on this amazing trip : )



 I am going on this trip in July as well. I was inspired by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman when they went through these areas in 'The Long Way Down'.

I'm going for my Yellow Fever jab later today.


Lee Ellams

Hi Tina,

me and my girlfriend are on the same trip. cant wait : )


Hi I go on the 4th of July wondering if anyone else is going then ..............can't wait

Hi Lee, It's not long to go, looking forward to the Gorilla's not looking forward to the Golden Orb Spiders.

Lee Ellams


it looks as if i'm going on this trip alone now, can someone adopt me please : )  


I'm on this trip by myself too as couldn't persuade any friends to come - but really looking forward to it.  Anyone know how many of us there are going to be altogether?

Not long to go now ...... so is it just three singletons going. Anyone fancy meeting up at Heathrow?? I have to fly down from Leeds Bradford and will be a nervous wreck (not good at flying) usually drive down to Heathrow. 


Yes, maybe we should try and arrange a meet-up at Heathrow so there's more of us around to pass the time with!  I guess there may be more than us three "singletons" going, as I only just came across this message board thing today despite having travelled with Exodus before, probably not everyone knows about it yet!

Lee Ellams

I'm definitely up for a heathrow meet up. its the first time i've ever done something like this so am a little bit nervous about it all yet so so excited aswell : ) not long now. 

The website says there is a maximum of 16 people on a full service trip and our trip is now fully booked up.

I would be up for meeting up at Heathrow as I will be travelling alone also.



Hi there!

 My boyfriend Dan and I will be heading out of Heathrow on the 4th July as no seats on the "proper" flight...At least we'll get a decent nights sleep before everyone else arrives! Anyone any idea of where we will be joining the trip as I'm trying to sort a hotel??!

Random question, but is anyone planning on bringing a guitar??



Hello, me again!

Just wondering, has anyone else got visas in advance or are you going to get them on the borders?



Hi Hannah,

 That was my understanding too! If you discover otherwise pls let me know otherwise you'll all end up hating Dan and I when we hold everyone up!!!! I'll give Exodus a call as well and see what they have to say!



I was planning on getting my visas at the borders, although will have another read through the trip info in case I am wrong in planning to do this!

Dan Days

Hi peeps, just a note to say Hi... I am Dan, (one half of Jules and Dan)... If you've never seen a big fella cry like a baby, then just wait until i find a big spider in my tent !!! - Seriously though, I can't wait for this trip. Jules has backpacked S.America before, for quite a while and had amazing adventures, but I have done nothing like this before, but have always wanted to... See you all soon.



Hey all,

As far as I can make out, a whole bunch of us are flying on the 4th - like Erika I've already got the transfer and Silver Springs hotel sorted.  Exodus did this for me at the point of booking a while back, so I'd recommend Dan & Jules try the same?

Hopefully we can get a joint transfer to the hotel - and maybe a drink in the bar?  It's my birthday on the 4th, and I'm already feeling a bit sorry for myself spending the day in airports / planes!




Hi I'm Andrew I am flying into London from Edinburgh on the 3rd then flying out on the 4th and staying in the Silver Springs, I am travelling on my own, if you fancy meeting up.


Looks like a large number of us are getting an earlier
flight and staying at the hotel.

I'm not - I'm on the 8:00 flight that gets in at 6:45 in the

In the absence of a better plan, I'm going to carry my
trip notes (The colour version) with me. If anyone sees
me with them at the airport, feel free to say hello.



Hi there,

 Dan and I are booked into the Silver Springs on the night of the 4th July too.... Anyone wanna share their airport transfer with us? Not sure if they priced per person or per car?? We haven't booked one yet, but if you fancy it then let me know either via here or the Facebook group Hannah set up under "gorilla safari"!

 Not long now people!



I'm on the "group" overnight flight, will be getting to Heathrow around 5pm for check-in and am up for meeting anyone on the same flight.  I was planning on wearing a large purple hat and green coat, and carrying a small dog in a handbag on my left shoulder*


*this is obviously not true, but I will have my blue exodus wallet with me in case anyone wants to say hello.  Alternatively, join the group on facebook and you can see better photos of those of us who have signed up so know who to approach!


Hi Andrew.

 Jules, Dan and I are all on that flight and also staying at the Silver Springs. My strategy for meeting up at Heathrow is to go to the departure gate and make eye contact with random people. If everyone else does that too, we should find each other in no time. Also, come to our facebook group so you can see what we look like. (Or you can see what I looked like when I was 10 and in my "awkward" phase.)




I will look out for you at the airport, I am 6 foot 2" and depending on British Airways should have a purple and black rucsack, will you have your portable killer whale which would make life very simple.



As suggested on the facebook group, those of us on the 8pm flight on the 4th July are planning to meet up in Wetherspoons at around 6pm - all are welcome!


(also posted on our facebook site)


I think there are 5 of us now leaving the morning of July 4th. 

If we want to try to meet up in Heathrow, I'll be wearing a white Barack Obama shirt (actually I am bringing 25 of them to Kenya to give away, I hope nobody minds), and I'll walk around in front of our departure gate looking very conspicuous. Then once one or two of us find each other, it should be easy.

But if we don't meet up before the flight, again I will roam the aisles of the plane in my Barack t-shirt and maybe catch your attention then.

But if we don't meet up on the plane, I think it's safe to say we will meet up as we gather around the guy holding the sign that says "Silver Springs Hotel" once we land in Nairobi.


See you all soon.



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