My partner, Angela, and I are signed up for this one - it's our third trip. In 2003 we travelled for 8 months on 'Ultimate Asia' (sadly no more) then last year, a brief but wonderful 3 weeks to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya during which we visited the mountain gorillas. Now it's off to Tibet and China. Am very much looking forward to it.

Would love to hear from anyone else doing this trip in August (23rd) or anyone who's already survived it :-)  Any travel tips (other than the usual overlanding ones!)  would be most gratefully received. I am mindful of the altitude and wonder how/if I'll cope - my lungs will find it a challenge probably but, as the advert for Stella beer goes "that which does not kill us makes us strong". We'll see.

Cheers, Karen 



I just signed up for this trip and it's my first trip with Exodus.  I'm traveling alone and really have no idea what I'm getting myself into, but am looking forward to the adventure that awaits!  I'm graduating from medical school in July and thought this would be an amazing way to celebrate. I have always had a fascination with this part of the world and just decided why not?  So... I would like to touch base with my fellow travelers, possibly make friends  before the departure, and get any suggestions on what I should do to prepare for the trip.


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