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Essential Peru Trip on 14th September

Hello, Monique and Stuart are booked on this fabulous trip.

Who else is coming along? It looks like another trip of a lifetime, lots to see and wonder.

Hello Monique and Stuart,

We are Trish & Dave and it seems we will be travelling partners.  Are you doing the Amazon Rainforest extension as well?

This trip looks like it will be an incredible experience.

Anyone else out there thinking of joining us?

Hello, we're Kathy and Colin and we've booked to come along but going into Lima the day

before.  Not doing Amazon Extension unfortunately, ran out of holiday time.  What's best for altitude sickness prevention??

Anyone know??

We are off on the Amalfi Coast trip on 7 June but really looking forward to this September trip - sure we'll have a terrific time.  See you then and look forward to your company.


Looking forward to meeting up with you in Lima (I believe it's only 16 weeks to go now).

As regards Altitude Sickness, we didn't suffer at all when we flew into Quito, I was conscious of breathing more deeply for the first half day or so, but after that it just came naturally.  We seem to be taking it in stages on this trip anyway and don't get to the highest point (Lake Titicacca) until day 10 which means we should be able to aclimatise as we go along.  If you do suffer everyone seems to recommend the coca tea.

Hope you have a great time on the Amalfi Coast in June.  We are taking ourselves off to Dublin for a long weekend in June as it seemed a very long time between our Antarctic trip in January to Peru in September.



Hello Trish and Dave, thanks for message. We are looking forward to this and being your travelling companions. We are not doing the Amazon extension, hopefully we won't regret it-we'll never know. This is our first visit to S America how about you? Sorry for the delay in replying.

Hi Monique and Stuart, we are starting to get really excited about this trip now.  Where are you flying from?  We are flying out to Amsterdam from Bristol (our local airport) with KLM and (hopefully) meeting up with the rest of the group there.  It will be our first visit to Peru, but not our first time in. S.America.  Ever since our first trip S.America keeps calling us back - just love it out there and Peru has been high on the wish list for several years.  We were planning to go last year, but things went wrong with the tour company.  Now, however, I'm glad because this appears to be a far superior itinerary.


HELLO,Monique and I are and have been looking forward to this trip for a long time. It's our first to S. America. We are flying out of Heathrow to Madrid then Lima. It does appear to be a good itinerary. We went with Exodus last time and they did us proud in China, looked after us and found other things to do additional to the schedule, it was truly wonderful. I am sure we shall all have an amazing holiday and with lots of photographs,will recall all our memories and experiences for years to come. Look forward to seeing you.

Regards MandS. 

Hello again, just curious - is there any particular place on this trip that you REALLY can't wait to visit?  And before you ask, no I can't decide on any one particular place, although the night on Amantani Island sounds like a fabulous experience (but then of course, there's also the Nazca Lines and Macchu Picchu etc. etc. etc.)


Hello, I think we are all getting excited, and why not? Peru is going to be absolutely amazing. What do we really want to visit? We can't decide. We would like to see and enjoy as much as we can and being with the local people - and then there is Macchu Picchu - wow! an incredible place.

We have just received an e-mail from Exodus to confirm that we do not require a visa.

Speak soon.



Gosh, you turn your back for 5 minutes and they have changed everything on the site.  We have just got back from a long weekend in Dublin (which proved to be horribly expensive with the exchange rate as it is now) which was great fun. 

So now we are getting down to seriously thinking about what we need to pack (as opposed to what I'd like to take which would probably mean a 20 ft container all to myself).  They say it can get really cold overnight in the Andes, especially around Lake Titicaca but then again it can get pretty hot during the day and then we have the rainforest to think about (maybe I do need that container?)



And I have just checked availability on this tour (out of curiousity) and it looks like we will have a full compliment as it's now showing as unavailable. 

What has everyone been up to lately (other than paying the balance for the trip)? 

 Anyone new out there?  Come on - introduce yourselves.


Paid up and bought various guide books to start reading up on what looks to be a really great trip.  We did our first Exodus trip to Amalfi in June, wonderful walks and such great company,  so now looking forward to this experience in September, particularly the Nasca Lines so hope the weather will be favourable.

A short while ago there was an article in the Daily Mail by Phil Argent, one of their travel writers, who had actually been on this tour and I made contact with him regarding the stay on Amantani Island to ask his advice on perhaps taking a small gift.  He told me the islanders do very nicely out of the tourists but do have a shortage of men!!!  .... rather than the usual "bon bons" for the children he suggested any small toys, little balls etc as the kids loved playing with them - and of course, if space permits any note-pads/pens for the local school. Looking forward to meeting you all and trying our first "pisco sour"!! 






Thank you for the information on Amantani Island.  That is really useful (especially if Dave doesn't behave himself before we get there - the women could find themselves with a little extra gift).  Seriously though, I was wondering what would be good gifts to take.

I too have been poring over guide books and can't wait to see some of these sights 'in the flesh' as it were.  I am also boring everyone witless at work about the trip now, so I think they can't wait either!

As you will be in Lima before us, make sure you leave a Pisco Sour or two for me please (I do have a liking for them I have to admit).  Dave has already been practicing with the Cusquenya Beer and finds it to his liking.

We are so looking forward to meeting up with you and starting this adventure.  Fingers crossed for good weather for the Nasca Lines.


Having read a post by someone who suggested taking your thermals if you wanted a nights sleep on Amantani Island I have just been checking out the temperatures for some of the places we are visiiting - and they could be right.  At 6.00 am local time the temperature in Puno was -5 deg. C, whilst in Lima it was +16 deg.C at 6.00 am.  If you are interested in keeping an eye on it the site is weatherbug.co.uk (very user friendly and covers most towns in the world by the looks of it.


Henrietta Shepherd

We are also going via Madrid, but flying to Madrid on the Saturday and will join the trip flight on Sunday to Lima

Hetty and Andy

 As we booked the trip a year ago, cannot wait. 


Hi Hetty and Andy,

 Look forward to meeting you in Lima with the other.  As you probably read earlier, we are flying KLM from Bristol.


Sorry hit button to soon!

What I was going to say with all the rain we've been having I'm going into the "Reed Island" business - but need to know how it's done!!

Hope you are all getting yourself organised .... this time next week!!

See you in Peru guys!!

Kathy and Colin 




And for me the reed boats too ....... with the horrendous road works on the Avonmouth bridge again they might be just the thing to get me up and down the Bristol channel to work!

Save me a Pisco Sour Kathy.  See you all next week in Lima (we'll be airborne and on our way now)


Henrietta Shepherd

See you on Sunday guys. off to Madrid  for last night of luxury for a while!!! 

Hetty and Andy

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