Aegean Coast and Lakes Cycling Holiday


I would really like to hear from anyone else who has booked this trip. At the moment I am having a bit of a think about suitable footwear, any advice would be gratefully received.



Hi Maggie,

Matt & Suzie here (from Australia), we reckon a pair of trainers for cycling in, a pair of sandals  and a pair of going out shoes would be fine. I (Matt) went on the Andalucian trails trip in Spain about 10 years ago and it was excellent so now I'm dragging Suzie along on this one. We are going on the "Aegean Coast & Lakes Ride" starting  12th May (trip code: MTI820) - is that the same one you're on? May we ask where you're from Maggie?

Maggie Horne

Yup, we are on the same trip. Thanks for the advice about the footwear, very helpful.

I am from Peterborough, England. Last year I went on the Amalfi coast walking trip and had a fabulous time, this year I thought I would swap two legs for two wheels though.

Are you travelling from Australia or from the UK? 


st just

 Carole (and Chris) here - we will also be on the same trip starting on 12 May. We went on the Andalucian cycling trip last year (hilly!) and looking forward to seeing some great sights, scenery and culture of Turkey. Matt's recommendation for suitable footwear is fine - unless you are uber-serious and taking your own pedals and therefore cycling shoes instead (some people did this in last year's trip)!! Any idea what to expect weather-wise??


We are travelling from Australia and arriving straight into Istanbul. We spend a few days there then take a train down to Fethiye (I think it's called) to meet up with the rest of the crew including yourself (Maggie) and now Carole & Chris! We are looking forward to meeting you all but at the moment I'm more worried about my upcoming buck's show and Suzie and my wedding...

Is anyone else gonna be in Fethiye in the day's before we head off on the bikes?

Cheers Matt

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