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Essential Peru - 08 June 2008

Hi, I suppose someone has to start these things off... So, here we are! With only 2 months to go and having now paid for the trip I swing from looking forward to the trip to feeling a bit anxious that I am up to the challenge.  We are new to this sort of adventure and have never had to worry about altitude sickness before!  We would love to find out who else is on our trip? May I introduce ourselves - Sandra and Innes - fae bonnie Scotland.



To introduce ourselves, we are Pete (42) and Chris (Christine) (38) and  are from Newcastle. Pretty much the same situation as you in that we have never been on a holiday like this before. We are both excited and nervous about it.

I've checked our trip out and its fully booked, all 18 places taken so hopefully it should be a good one. We are also doing the 4 day jungle extension.

Pete & Chris


Hi Chris and Pete, Glad someone finally answered... we thought we were going to be alone on this trip! 

Yup, I saw the group was full so where are the rest of them hiding? 

I've started throwing clothes and things which might be useful on this trip onto the floor of our front room - that way as soon as I remember something I need to pack - like binos which I looked for for hours this week, only to discover I'd given them to my daughter for a Duke of Edinburgh trip (doh!) - then they find their way to the pile of stuff and I can sort it out later and make the final decision if it goes in the bag or not!

Are you flying from Newcastle to Amsterdam?  We fly direct to Amsterdam from Edinburgh at some ungodly hour - don't think we'll be sleeping much that night!

Anyway, good to speak to you, keep in touch and we look forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks. Sandra and Innes


Hi Barbara and Emlyn, Glad you added your comments.  It's good to know Emlyn has been learning the lingo as I can only ask for 2 beers so far!  Let's hope he's in our homestay and can converse with our hosts.

Looking forward to meeting up with you both.  Sandra and Innes


Hi All

Not long to go now...11 days and counting....can't believe the holiday is almost here. We're flying from Newcastle 5.55am, so same as you, not much sleep (if any) the night before.

We have been making a list and adding to it for a few weeks, but Pete keeps reminding me we have to carry it all!!

Does anyone have any ideas for the presents for the homestays? Do we take pressies from the UK or do we buy gifts over there? All ideas gratefully received.

Really excited and looking forward to it all, just can't imagine what its going to be like.

See you soon


Peter and Chris




Another traveller thinking our posting page looks empty. Anyway my name is Lynda and I'll be starting the trip at Heathrow so maybe I'll bump into Barbara and Emlyn at the airport. Haven't even started to think what to pack, so I'll be the one asking to borrow things because I forgot to pack them!

The Peruvians have apparently got a proven cure for altitude sickness called Mate de coca (coca tea). Hope nobody has to confirm this during our trip.

Regarding presents for the homestays although it would be nice to give them something, but don't they just really want money? Further comments would be good.

See you in just over a week. 



1 week to go - getting really excited now.  I've asked people at work who have been to Peru and several of them said the same thing for pressies - apparently carry a lots of biro pens to give to the kids and they will love you forever, it must be something they can't get over there. I thought maybe colouring books too. they said small gifts so as not to highlight our relative wealth. As for the family stay - I'm still a bit stuck.

Any way off to the shops to get last minute stuff.

see you next week

Chris & Pete




Hi Sandra,

great idea about the photos. If I would live like they do, I would be very curious from where theses people are coming from and speaking with such a funny tongue. I hope they speak Spanish and not the local lingo. Well, we have our hands , eyes and feet. And we can sing! I did put this trip to the back of my mind until now as I was so busy. But now it starts sinking in. I hope the weather is fine (suposed to be summer there!) as I intend to take thousands of photos, mostly for my work as I am an artist. If anybody is interested, I have the most fantastic slide show from the Andes by the world famous photographaer Yann Arthus-Bertrant.  It brought tears to my eyes! If anybody is interested ( it is on powerpoint) contact me under [email protected] and I will forward it with NO charge. Ha ha.

Have a great weekend and happy packing.




Hi Guys,

Feeling sick thinking of all the stuff I still have to do before we go!  And that includes making sure the dog WILL get fed and walked while we are away - Mother's telly is working again - and my son packs for his hols and remembers his passport and visas!

Barbara your Andes download sounds good I may have a look at that - I'll get on to that!  I don't want to be crying though!

Tip - Someone suggested Evening Primrose Oil was good to keep Altitude Sickness at bay - taken for a couple of weeks before the journey - I think I've managed to remember to take 2 tablets so far!

Anyway - back to work as I've lots to tidy up before I go.  See you all on Sunday.





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