Kilimanjaro shira route and safari

Hi anyone booked on the above trip on 24/7/08 to 7/8/08



Yes, I'm booked for this trip... 


Katenka thanks for the reply, it is approching fast now. how is your training going, I am not doing to bad building up on distance no hills in Essex. Are you travelling from the uk how many people are travelling with you.  Good idea this part of the web site it is nice to be able to talk to other travellers embarking on adventures.



Hi Steve,

My name's Julie and I'm also booked onto the above trip.  Really looking forward to it - but not sure if I'll ever be fit enough.  These are a few hills in Sussex and my dog is a hard task master - how far are you walking?  Have you been on any of these trips before? Any advice and Are you flying from Heathrow?



Hi Julie nice to hear from you, finding time training in is my main problem but I do manage to get to the gym 3 to 4 time a week and I am up to a distance of 10 miles once a week plus a few shorter walks of 2 or 3 miles at present. I should be able to get that up to 20 before I leave, it will have to do. This is my first time in Africa and any sort of climb of this sort, I have been up to the lake district in the past and climbed Scafell Pike but this will be very different. I will be flying from heathrow, so we should be able to meet up with all the other travellers we will just have to look for the boots.

Happy walking





HI!  Sorry I haven't been checking back here regularly.  My main concern is the altitude, it's why I've chosen the longer route for more acclimitization time.  I am not flying from Heathrow, I live in Angola at sea level.  But I am planning to book flights so I will be on the same last leg from Nairobi as the rest of the UK group.

 Training, I am not doing anything special to be honest.  I run 2-3 times a week, anywhere from 2-10 miles depending how much time I have.  But there are not any big hills where I live.  I've never done a trek like this before, but here in Angola, many of my friends have done this trip (I found Exodus through their recommendations) with varying levels of fitness.  It seems to depend more on how your body takes the altitude rather than your actual fitness, though of course the more fit you are the more easy it will be.  One friend told me it was much harder to run a marathon compared to the summit day of Kili, but of course that is only 1 point of view.


I'm booked on this trek too. Just applied for a visa and had my typhoid jab yesterday. Have a prescription for malaria tablets. Did the Inca trail and Amazon rain forest with Exodus a few years ago. Everyone had a great time on that trip. I'm running a few times a week at the moment but not really in preparation for the holiday. Like Katenka says, I think normal fitness should be ok and it's more about being able to cope with the altitude - which is a bit random. I'm flying from Heathrow so will hopefully spot a few people there.



Hi Denise,

nope, I'm not planning to take that... most of the people I know managed Kilimanjaro without it, and I've never really discussed the side effects with someone who has. 

Coming from CA... good luck with that long flight, we'll see you there!

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