Gorillas & Masai Mara - 20th June 2008

Hi! Anyone going on the trip?


Hi Russ, my husband and I are joining the group on the 21st June.  I've read some really good reviews hope you enjoy the trip.  We are traving from Australia.


Hi Joy,

 I am also travelling with my wife.  We will be leaving London on the 20th June. Really looking forward to the trip, after watching a TV programme with Natalie Portman visiting the Gorillas last week we can't wait.


hi Russ, only 4 weeks until the trip! very exciting! I meant to ask will you be joining the full service or part service group?  We are on the full service.  Joy


Hi again, I'm affraid to say I'm taking the lazy option too and doing the full service trip  ;-)

 Can't wait 27 days and counting.

Kimberley_ Don

Hello Joy and Russ. 

WE just recieved our documents today ! We too are joining the trip, and looking forward to it.

Louise C

Hi! I am Louise and I am a Brit living in Beijing...will be joining the trip in London (so long as BA gets me there in time)! Very excited to meet my fellow travel companions (and the gorillas, of course!)


Hi and Welcome Louise, Kimberley and Don.  We have just received our doc's as well.  This may be a coincidence but we met a Don & Kimberley in a Karaoki Bar in Cairo a few years ago - This Don was quite the singer and party boy - any chance you are one in the same?  ;-)

Kimberley_ Don

Hi Louise....well you will be tired by the time you arrive -- so we will save our bus sing a long until your well ested -- maybe day two!  Just kidding!  Are you travelling alone -- if so our group is up to 7 now-- but I think its 8 in total.  Looking forward to meeting you!


Kimberley_ Don

well well well....that must be Joy and Craig-  aka cindy?????

I am not sure the gorillas will approve of Don and Craigs kareoke-- nor will Lousie, Russ and whoever else is within 500 african miles.

You guys must be ready to leave soon....we are still a week away!

See you soon!

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