Essential Peru 4th May

Hi there -really looking forward to this trip & keen to hear from anyone else who is going on this date. Am flying from Edinburgh to Amsterdam so guess first chance to meet up with everyone might be there. Also what are you packing -have been advised layers, but havent been on a trip before where the climate changes so much during during course of journey so any advice welcome!

Hi, we're also on the trip but flying in a day early so we'll meet up with you at the hotel. Same quandary about what to pack! - we're going on the Amazon extension as well just to complicate things further. Hat, sun lotion and insect repellent are the only definites on the list so far

Simon & Frances




Hi there -nice to know someone else is definitely going! Look forward to meeting up


I'm on this trip too - I can't wait. I'm flying London to Amsterdam so I'll see you in Amsterdam Gill?

Haven't even thought about packing...... Look forward to meeting you all!



Hi Mary

Sorry for delay in replying -have had problems logging in.

Look forward to meeting up in Amsterdam. Not long now!



not going on your trip but lived in peru for 2 years on and off and worked at the project which exodus supports just want to say make sure you check out the muse bar at san blass in cuzco you wont regret it have fun

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