KILIMANJARO - RONGAI Route departing 9 September

Hello!  My name is Emanuela, I am doing this trip for my 40th bday as a personal challenge and personal gift.  I am not an experienced climber but have done some mountain walks in the Drakensberg in South Africa. I currently live in Eastbourne so will use the South Downs as walking practice, just hope the weather improves!  I'd be interested to know who else is in our tour group...


Hi, my name is Diane and I am also going on this trip. I am traveling alone as my partner doesn't have a 'things to do before I die' list to complete! I am also doing it as a personal challenge but have never climbed and last time I did a mountain walk was on Snowdonia with my father as a child....I'm now in my forties! Hopefully some additional training will help but at present just ride and go to the gym a couple of times a week. Guess it will be time to join the Shropshire Ramblers shortly. Nice to know you are on the trip


Hi, Me and my mate Suzanne from work are doing this trek and then going to Zanzibar afterwards!!, we fly out on the 7th from Heathrow, does anyone else?  Never done anything like this before, it will be a great challange and hopefully we will all make it to the top!! we live in the Scottish Borders which has plenty of hills to train!! cant wait, seems like ages away but the time is flying past!!



Hi Jo. I was also going to do the trek then go to Zanibar later in September but due to a family wedding I've had to take an earlier date without the Zanibar trip. I would have had two of my partner's work mates for company too but the new date means I'm going it alone! Makes it quite interesting though. I live in Shrewsbury and I've been 'enlisted' to do a 26 mile walk around Prees and Bridgnorth on the last Bank Holiday Monday in May. Not sure if that's the correct training but hey, surely it will help?! Good luck to you and your mate, I've not done this type of thing before but the altitude is really the only thing that bothers me. Must get some walking boots this weekend....................



Not long to go now!!

How is everyones training going?  i'm starting to get excited now that the time is passing quickly, still got plenty of training to do though!!



Hi! My name is Laura. Is this the trek that also has the safari attached to it? If so then I'm with you as well. I'm travelling on my own and also have an unofficial "things to do before I die list". I live in Canada but will be coming via South Africa. Will be flying into Kenya the night before and making my way to the starting point via a bus (and apparently a cab from Moshi to Marangu). I've never done anything like this before so it will be an adventure. I'm not an experienced climber but do a lot of running and biking so hopefully that will help. Looking forward to meeting everyone.


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