inka trail; amazon rainforest 17th may

hi, apparently there are 9 of us, anyone got any top tips ??? really excited xx


Hi Claire,

I'm going on the trip too - very excited - just starting to compile a packing list. I always end up taking too much so I'm trying to be brutal this time - it won't work!!

Look forward to meeting you.



miss c m robinson

hi alison, really looking to meeting you too, do u know what the mix is , 9 of us apparently. im hardly taking anything, got more kit, ie mossie spray, and plasters, than clothes lol. how fit are u ?? hope i can do it , what do they do with the people who collapse lol. taxis ??? xx


Hi Claire,

I've no idea what the mix is - hopefully someone else might log on and say hello. 

I'm reasonably fit I suppose - I did Kili last year and learnt that the trick at altitude is to go really, really slowly. I'm sure you'll be fine looking at your job - a fitness technician .I've heard that the people who collapse are sacrificed to the Inca Gods!!!!!!


miss c m robinson

lol, i like the idea of being sacrificed , im really looking forward to it now, are u flying from heathrow on the 17th ??? xx


Just received info,2 of us,1 female and 1 male,worried about fitness at altitude too,it was all a long way off for such a long time cant beleive we will soon be there! PACKING will be a nightmare.See you both at Heathrow but dont expect me to be awake at that time. Jayne


Hi again Claire,

 Yes I'm flying from Heathrow - I'm flying down from Newcastle on the Friday and staying in the Yotel in Terminal 4 - don't know what that'll be like but at least it's ideal for checking in.



Hi Jayne,

Your're right - getting very close now!!See you in Heathrow.


I'm traveling with weejayne we are traveling to Heathrow on Friday and staying in the Thistle so will only have a short distance to go in the morning. 


Looking forward to seeing you all at Heathrow


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