Thai Indochina Grand Tour

Hey all,

Just posting to see if anyone is going on this one! I'm going on my own, and it'd be cool to get to know some of the people Ill be travelling with! 


I am joining this group on day 12 in Hanoi. Due to work commitments I could take the whole month off so doing last 18 days with you all. I am travelling alone too. Have you ever been to this part of the world? I am on the process of arranging Visa for Vietnam, did you get your Visas sorted?



No..never been there, first time..really exicted! I sent my stuff for visas yestarday. Hope its all ok!

Have you ever been there? Do we need any jabs for anything, I have got malaria tablets, but thats all..??

Looking forward to see you!




Yes, only a little bit...definitely not a pro...everyone can take nice pictures, trust me...and you should see what photoshop capable of with not so good pictures :o)

yes got a small SLR (nikon D60)  which I shall take with me, I got about 4 or 5 8GB cards, and two spare batteries..should be fine...I still have to delete the not so good ones at the end of the day.. I try to learn as much as I can, so I got some sort of knowledge to share with you then :o))



No Jabs as per Trip Notes

"No vaccinations are compulsory unless arriving from an infected area, but we recommend vaccination against hepatitis A and typhoid. Malaria prophylaxis should be considered and there has been some chloroquine resistance reported."

I'll carry malaria tablets as I hate injections - Only cash injection works for me!

I am sending my passport for Visa today. Yes, it would be fun specially the cruising part in Halong Bay! Save some extra dosh for shopping in thialand as its quite cheap. I'll travel light so a big shopin thailand is on the cards.

Looking forward to seeing you too. Are you based in London?



good...dont do injections either! :o)

Shopping!! Yes!! I shall try not to pack too much, so I got spare room for my shopping...hope I can manage that! My camera and lenses will take away the hand luggage unfortunately, though I pretty good to squash most of my stuff there...not this time!

No. Im in West Sussex.

Ok - so you are in to photography! I have a ok camera but I cannot take nice pictures. My camera has a few options but I find it hard to work with these so I use Auto focus option. (My chance to brush up on photgraphy skills then!) Is you camera a digital SLR and what are you doing for memory cards and batteries? Do you have anywhere to store you pictures while on the trip?

I am in London, just wondered where you are travelling from!





What about shopping? ;0)

Tiger, Temples and Elephant ride is indeed a very exciting option. Any more?

Any update on your visa? I am expecting mine early next week.

Good light today for some outdoor summer photo shots. I have my camera out but I am disappointed with the pics so far. 



still only two of us.. :o)

my visa office just called me, im lucky if I get my passport back in time! I actually scared now, I asked them to send my passport back, even without the visas..because of the bank holiday, everything is a bit fingeres crossed!

I would love to go to the Tiger Temple, the plan was to spend one month with travelling, one month volenteering for the Tiger boss didnt like my idea :o((

So probably I shall check out the place, and go back there later on, when my boss actually manage to forget about my one month holiday..lets say..around Jan...hopefully :o)

Beautiful day, you are right. Will go out later on! If you really desperate, there are some really good web site for photographers, about the secret stuff..sort of explaining shutter speed, and aperture..all that crazy stuff, which can make a HUGE difference with your pics!

I was translating the itinerary for my parents today, we shall have lots of free time, so you can do your shopping..I still struggeling with my luggage, 20 kg seems just not enough.. :o) and no spare space .... I have to be hard :o)


you have got time! right?

Visa takes about 7 working days so you should be fine...just be patient ;0)


Yeah, I should read more and spend some time playing with my camera. Send me some links at my email please 


Hello everyone,

My name is Laura and I'm going on my own too. I only just decided to join the group last weekend- on the spur of the moment decision:-) so if you worry about your visa- well I've only just sent it off yesterday and I hope it will be back with me on Thursday/Friday. I'm also really excited about this trip but at the same time I've never done anything so far and long on my own....but I hope it will be fun.


I got good news about my visas yestarday, my passport should be with me by tomorrow, i have sorted out my money issues as well, so i am ready!!!!!!! :o)

Just wanted to say, make sure you have got long trousers, and long sleeve t-shirts, or something to cover your shoulder!

Are you on facebook?? we could meet there!! I'll be in Heathrow from 7, so we can meet by the check in if you like!

Or we can change phone numbers, and find each others, somehow :o)

Let me know! I got a racksuck, which you can turn into a suitcase with wheels...magic....its really heavy though...

Hi Laura,
A good decision i must say! Any time away travelling is good fun for me...

Regarding visa, you must still chase up visa people on Monday to make sure that your passport has been delivered/recieved ok. I get my visa on 14th. Fingures crossed for you & keep us all updated.

I bet you have your own packing worries....any big cameras in there? 





hi Laura,

we were worried here, that only two of us going :o) mostly me, about travelling on my own, as Guru will join us later on! Visa people usually ring you if something not right about your visas, wont be ready in time or other fun stuff.. :o) Hope for the best!!

Guru, for your information, my heart is broken, I had a go with my 500mm telelens this sunday without tripod, there is no chance I can hold it... :O((( that makes my hand luggage either really light or I go mad, and bring my tripod, and probably die on the first day on the trip ...

I had a cruel,hard day on sunday, now im down to 7Tshirt, and 6 trousers...:o)


Laura, shall we meet up on the airport?? are you flying with the group or on your own??



Hi there,

Yes, it would be great to have someone to talk to at the airport and if we check in together we may sit near eachother on the plane too? The flight is something I'm not looking forward to but the rest is really exciting. I just did all the shopping for the trip at the weekend- just got some cheap clothes suitable for this sort of trip as I didn't have anything like that at home. I reduced it to 4 shorts- although considering the 5th pair, and about 12 tops, only 3pairs of shoes! This packing is driving me insane!! 20kg is nothing!!!Are you taking a racksuck or a bag/ suitcase? I'll be flying from Heathrow Airport so let me know where we can meet and what time- we have to be there 3 hours before the flight.

Rung the visa company today and they confirmed they received it so fingers crossed....


 You are right, packing is a worry but I haven't got any big camera like you two....:-( I'm not really into it but maybe I'll catch the bug with you two professionals around:-) I called about the visa like you said and they have received- it's in the embassy at the moment so all is on a good way to success...


dont worry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you paid extra it will be ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can fell it in my bones! :o)

take care, and see you at the airport!!!

keep in touch!


Where did you get this magic racksuck?...I want it too!!!!

OK, I'll give you my mobile number as soon as I set it all up with Tmobile as this is the only network that is working over there. I should have it tomorrow. I'm not on the facebook I'm afraid.

You are lucky with your visa, still no news about mine......:-(God it's so stressful before it gets enjoyable:-)

I'll be at Heathrow at 7am too so I'll txt you.

Why do I need long sleeve, is one pair of jeans and one long sleeve enough or more?



the magic racksuck is a samsonite beauty from e-bay...come from Germany, bit too late to order, probably you can buy it in England as well, but quite expensive...

The long sleeve, and long trousers you going to needed in the temples, where you cant go in wearing shors and cant show your sholders. :o)

ooopppss.. are you saying that i wont be able to use my O2 network mobile????..I never ever had any problem with it anywhere

[email protected] is my e-mail address send your number there!

I paid an extra charge to get my visas done in time..see I apply for the vietnamese, and cambodian visas at the same time..ring them and ask if you could do anything like that..

take care!!


Hi Girl,

Hope you check the forum!! Im going up to London today, I havent received your number yet, so here is mine, hope you going to read this, and then we can meet up


I managed to stay just UNDER 20 kg..I think... :o)


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