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Hi I'm going on the Discover Sri Lanka trip departing 26th July. I am travelling on my own and it would be great to get to know my fellow travellers before we go!



Hi Philippa

Good to know someone else is travelling on their own - ditto for me.  So looking forward to the trip.


Hello, I was going to Sri Lanka with Explore Worldwide on 26th fo July, but last week they cancelled it through lack of interest, I got a full refund. Anyway I am booked on this trip which departs on the same day and for the same duration, 16 days. This will be my second Exodus trip. The other one was 'The Annapurna Circuit'

 I am travelling on my lonesome too.

Jason, Staffordshire.



Hi David,

Good to hear someone else is going on their own! I am getting quite excited about going, but also a little scared - have never done anything else like this before, especially gone away with a group of people I dont know! Great that they have set up this forum so we can get to know people a little! Have you been to Sri Lanka before?

Should be a good trip



Hi Jason!

 Not good they had to cancell your other trip, but at least you can still go to Sri Lanka and good its at the same time/duration etc!

I am excited about going - but a little scared as this is my first trip of its kind and first with Exodus.



Hi Philippa 

It would be good to meet up at Heathrow before getting on the plane - it's a long flight.

Not been to Sri Lanka before but it's a trip highly recommended by a number of friends who maintain it's their favourite.  Not long to go so the excitement will build up!



hi David,

 Yeah it would be great to meet up at the airport - as you say a long flight! A number of people I have spoken to have also highly recomend Sri Lanka, so looking good. Be great to get away from this weather and hopefully see some sun!



If you want to have contact before the flight my email is [email protected].

Got my jabs done but advice about malaria tablets seems confusing!



If you need further advice on any travel health issues I would reccommend visiting - they are experts in this field and give great advice.

If you go into any Nomad stores/clinics you can also get a special discount by quoting EXOD1000 (15% off kit - you can use this code online as well - and 10% of vaccinations!).

All the best,
Exodus: Sri Lanka Product Executive


Hi Phillipa, David & Jason

Jill & I will be joining you all on the Discover Sri Lanka trip, it's first of these trips we done so inevitably we are looking forward to it with a little tepidation mixed with the excitement. People keep telling us Sri Lanka is a great place to visit. We chose Exodus as our son went to Japan with them had a great time and could not speak to highly of the people and organisation.

John   [email protected]






Hi Jill and John, good to meet you!

 I cant believe how fast it is coming around now, definitley on the downward hill now. I am very much looking forward to going, but am getting slightly more anxious as time gets closer as its the first time have done anything like this and on my own! but it will be fine when we get there am sure! Just got to get through these last few weeks at work! Its good that you've got personal recomendations of the company, I have also heard very good things.

Look forward to meeting you properly in a months time!

Philippa [email protected]


Hi Philipa

Yes the 26th of July now appears to be appoaching very quickly. My job at present seems to be stopping Jill worrying about what to take of not! Look forward to meeting you no doubt at Heathrow we'll be the couple clutching bags with Exodus tags!

John & Jill 



I returned from my third trip to Sri Lanka on April 10th.  Sadly I am not going on this trip, but I am off on The National Parks Trek on the same day.  Anyway, we went to Morocco with them two years ago and they were great.  The itinerary of your trip is very good, but I have been to most of the places.  There is a political situation in the north of the country, but the areas that you are going to are not affected.  You will see lots of military around though.  Everyone will welcome you are the people are very warm and friendly.  The food is fantastic and you may even be in Kandy for the monthly festival.  Exodus often stay at the Thilanka Hotel there which is super.  Take advantage of the massages wherever you are.  Very cheap and they will soothe aching muscles.  Climb Adam's Peak if you get the chance!  Try the local ginger beer.  Enjoy, Suzanne  Stanley


hi all those traveling on the ail discover sri lanka on the 26th july i booked this up on the 30th june, i am traveling on my own, ive been with exodus before and they have been great. i'm looking forward to meeting you all, maybe some of you at the airport,. :-)  shaun


hi david, i spoke to my doctor today and he said that i do not need to take malaria tablets for sri lanka, what did yours say in the end?.   what has everyone else been advised?. shaun.  [email protected]

Hi again,

I know that travel health advice can sometime be a little confusing, if you would like to feel a bit more re-assured about malarial advice then perhaps have a look at this map...

If you still have questions then you can contact Nomad Travel Clinics,, as they have the most up to date advice.

All the best for a great trip, Katherine
Exodus: Sri Lanka Product Executive


Hi Jill and John,

I am also having some debate as to what to take, well not given it that much thought so far as been too busy at work to think of holiday, but this weekend, is over to holiday shopping! My biggest worry is shoes as I know they say to take either some walking shoes or trainers, am just worried that trainers wont be sturdy enough for the jungle treck! Otherwise think it will be just walking sandals and flip flop type things for the evening!

 I am sure something will come together in the next few weeks though!

I have decided to take Maleria tablets - I would rather be safe than sorry, but have just got them from boots and not on perscription as I have heard from friends that it is much cheaper to do it this way!

I hope we will be able to meet up at the airport before flying. I think I am travelling down by coach to get to heathrow.

Does anyone perhaps fancy meeting before check in or after?


I am taking trekking shoes for the walks that we have, as I can`t justify talking walking boots for just one day treks, they would take too much room in my bag. I have gone to places like Nepal wearing my boots on the plane.

I see that Columbo has showers everyday at the moment (Ceefax page 414)

As for jabs, my nurse recommended I, rabies, and japanese bee. Both private perscription, and £144 each, so I thought I would avoid getting bitten or stung, Bats at the biggest threat to passing rabies onto humans

Anyway not long now, I have booked Sri Lanka since January, with Exodus since May (explained above) I am counting down the days.



Hi, I am thinking about booking this trip for the July or August departure but having checked the Govt travel website am a little concerned about some of the recent incidents in Sri Lanka. I really would like to do the trip nonetheless so just woderedif anyone can reassure me on safety/security? Thanks,


Dear All,

It's great to see you guys having a good chat about everything before you head off, not long to go now!

I am still really surprised to hear some of the advice you are being given about jabs etc. I am not qualified to officially answer medical questions but having worked in this area of travel before, and knowing your itinerary,...... if in any doubt I would still advise you to contact Nomad Travel Clinics,

In regards to the current political/security situation in Sri Lanka I can assure you that we take these matters very seriously. As you will see from the trip notes we have made minor alterations to the itinerary to take on board current FCO advice. Our leaders on the ground are also fully briefed and they will be able to give you further advice when you are out there. Sri Lanka has its problems but is still a fantastic destination to visit.

All the best for a great trip,
Exodus: Sri Lanka Product Executive

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