Is anyone else booked on to the week in Amalfi departing 13th September, trip code AVG?  I'd love to hear from you!

Nicola H M Handcock

By the way, I'm called Nicky, not Chalkie (she is my rabbit!).


Hi Nicky,

 I am going on this trip too, and I can't wait! I have never been to Southern Italy before and I can't believe I found a holiday that included so much, I think we are going to be totally exhausted by the end of the week!! I am going on my own, are you travelling by yourself too?

Aimee :)

Hi Nicky,

I've decided to try this holiday too. It looks like a pleasant itinerary but I shall also aim to visit Pompeii and (if there is half a chance) climb to the crater of Vesuvius.

Otherwise, this will be a relatively laid back holiday for me. I normally do something rather more adventurous, e.g. I went to Namibia/Botswana in April, visited the Garden of Eden (northern Iran) last October and, prior to that, took a cruise around the Falklands, S. Georgia and the Antarctic on the MS Explorer. Fortunately, I did that last trip in 2006 - because that was the ship that sank in 2007. With a bit of luck there won't be anything quite so exciting in Italy!

I look forward to meeting you.



Hi all,

 I'm also booked to go on this trip 13th September and can't wait. I am also travelling on my own and can't wait to meet up with you all, who knows, may even run into some of you at the airport!

 Janet :-)


Hi All,

I'm Sue and I'm booked on this trip, also a Solo traveller.  This will be my first time in Italy and I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the sights, like someone mentioned above I also want to get to Pompeii.  Last year I went to Jordan and Tanaznia/Zanzibar both involving a lot of travelling so it will be nice to be in the same hotel for more than 2-3 nights.

I'm at Gatwick early on the Saturday as I'm flying down from Manchester and am completely paranoid about missing flights so I have to give myself hours of leeway.  I've also treated myself and booked into the lounge before the flight, this will also stop me spending money in the duty free!

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone,




Hi all

I'm booked in on this holiday too- travelling on my own. Looking forward to meeting you all at Naples if not before. I haven't travelled with Exodus before, or been on holiday on my own, so am a bit nervous about it although looking forward to it as well! You all sound uite


Sorry about that! Excellent skills at finishing my post there...

Was about to say, you all sound quite adventurous- whereas I'm a bit worried about the Walk of the Gods in terms of being fit! So much looking forward to Capri and Amalfi and Naples though. And the hotel looks good on trip advisor. So all in all, want to have a relaxing peaceful trip with plenty of sun. Which sounds possible?


Nicola H M Handcock

Hello Everyone

Not long to go now!  I've realised I haven't responded to questions asked by people on this forum months ago!  Yes, I'm travelling on my own too - looks like we all are so far!  I've travelled requently with Exodus and think they are a great company.  The trip does sound fantastic - like you, Robert, I usually do more challenging trips (cycling through Vietnam), but am in need of a gentler trip this time and I thought this one fitted the bill.

Looking forward to meeting you all.


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