A Week In Tuscany

Owing to a slight foot injury, we're doing the "leisurely" Tuscany trip from 6-13 September.  Anyone apart from the 4 of us booked on this one?

Highland Toffee

Looking forward to our "Week in Tuscany" on September 6.

Wonder how many will be in the group? 

Marie Brewer

We'll be needing plenty of that for the walking - plus macaroon bars of course!


Hi there .. anyone going this week?  This will be my first solo trip with Exodus and am feeling slightly anxious !   It would be nice to chat with others before we go off to sunny Tuscany :)



Hello All, I am also going to Tuscany 6 - 13th.  Its my first trip with Exodus, although I've done similar holiday companies before.  Looking forwards to the Italian food and wine, and it sounds a perfect mixture of activities!  Roll on September...


Sorry to hear about the foot. Wheelchair needed?


Hi all

 I am booked on this holiday, I am flying from Newcastle and hopefully (god willing and with my very limited non existant Italian) will meet you all at at the Farmhouse.  Ps This is my first trip alone abroad, recommended by friends and for the person that I am to share a room with I don't snore!  Looking forward to meeting everyone.



Welcome aboard BOC. I'm sure we'll all have a great time.

Looking forward to meeting you, Bounty, some call me Mr. Grant.

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