East African Game Parks and beaches

Hi I'm Jenny and have always dreamed of doing this trip. Now I can. Would love to chat to anyone else who's going on it or to pick up tips from those who've been before.

Should have mentioned I'm going on 30 August - 21 September


Hi Jenny,

 my wife Christine & I are also going on this trip - I've been a similar trip before. I will check the post regularly, please send a reply when you see this and I should reply soonish. It should be a fantastic holiday and we are really looking forward to it


Kind Regards


Hi Chris

Nice to hear from someone else going on the trip. Apparently there's six of us so far with another two potential. Any tips on useful things to take gratefully received. When I went to India biros seemed the most sought after...

Speak again soon



Hi Jenny,

sorry its taken so long to reply but here is a list of the things you might think of taking

for children we are taking crayons, colouring pencils & some stickers - anything useful for school should be OK

for the Masa we did look for red clothing for trading/gifts as they love the colour

 we are close to the equator so you will need plenty of sun screen etc 

 mosquitos at night/evening are a real issue so you will want long pants/sleeves to cover wrists & ankles where they love to bite

you will also want a pair of flip-flops for the camp shower blocks etc when we are lucky enough to have them

 a small torch for finding your way around in the dark

 photocopies of all your documents



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