China Eclipse

Would anyone going on this trip like to communicate before we go? Could chat on-line, phone or even meet if you are in London.

Does anyone know what the temperature will be at night in the dessert?




I'm doing this trip. They say it gets cold in the desert but how cold I don't know. I think personally, it also has something to do with the extreme contrast the body feels between the very hot day and the cooler night. I would imagine a fleece would be adequate.


Is anyone planning to take equipment to record the event ie photography etc. Has anyone been on solar eclipse trips before that can advise? Trying to find info about how to go about it with digital equipment. Information I've found is from about 10 years ago with film photography and Hi-8 video. I also had some experience of the 99 eclipse with such equipment. I need to buy new and was wondering what would be suitable but also be used for normal tourist type photography and videoing


Thanks for that. Don't know anything about phographing eclipses but have been told by someone who has seen many that it is really worth taking a good pair of binoculars.

Am still hoping to meet someone on the trip to perhaps do the flight with or meet beforehand.



Yep binoculars so long as you have extremely high quality (mylar) eclipse filters which fit over larger ends.

Well I have my equipment now so we shall see if I've bought intelligently.

I'm flying separately from Birmingham. I might be on the same flight from Paris though. Booked it a while ago so can't remember the schedule.

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